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Analyse the resource times of the different job functions involved.

Step 1
Enter the hourly cost of each person involved in the purchasing process.
Note: A person's hourly cost is typically 3x their hourly rate.

 Job function  Hourly rate

Step 2
Now for each task, select the person who performs it from the drop down menu, and enter the time it takes to complete in the 'Time Taken' column.

If a task does not apply to your company, place a zero in the 'Time Taken' column.

The total purchasing process cost is shown at the bottom.

Task Job Function Time Taken Cost
Total Cost: THB

According to the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply, process costs typically range from THB2,500 to THB10,000, depending on your industry type.

Whatever the value, each order you place
costs your company THB 

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