Threaded Insert Tools

Threaded Insert Tools are tools designed to work with threaded inserts, sometimes referred to as rivet nuts, a type of insert that is secured into a material to provide a threaded hole. Rather than drilling a threaded hole directly into the material, the threaded insert provides a more durable fastening, especially when it is used in soft materials or in a work surface that is too thin to accommodate a conventional tap hole.

What types of Threaded Insert Tools are available?

  • Hand-powered rivet nut insert tools – If you are only installing rivet nuts occasionally, then handheld tools will be your least expensive option. You add the insert to the end of the tool, squeeze the handles, and then loosen the tool to complete the installation. Although these tools are inexpensive, they do require a lot of muscle strength, and they are not fast.

  • Pneumatic rivet nut insert tools – For heavy-duty applications such as an assembly line or repair shop, pneumatic rivet nut insert tools are ideal for fast, consistent applications. You do need an air compressor, but the tools are easy to use and powerful.

  • Battery-powered rivet nut insert tools – these handheld tools are cordless but powerful, making them versatile so you can install rivet nuts from practically any angle. These tools let you install inserts quickly and efficiently.

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RS Stock No. 487-151
Brand :RS PRO
- Mandrel, Nose Pieces M6 M3
RS Stock No. 425-7632
หมายเลขชิ้นส่วนของผู้ผลิต / Mfr. Part No.23512000000
Brand :Böllhoff
1 Kit
Manual - M10 M5
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