Telescopic Ladders

Telescopic ladders, also known as retractable ladders, are short ladders which can be extended and collapsed back down. They use telescopic sides which consist of tubes that slide into one another. Once collapsed, telescopic ladders are much smaller and easier to store or transport. Transporting the ladder is easy as it can be collapsed to about a third of the maximum size. Telescopic ladders are ideal for both professional or home use.

Telescopic ladders provide the functionality of both a stepladder and an extension ladder. Telescopic ladders can fully extend and adjusted to the desired height to climb up to high places. To extend most telescopic ladders, simply pulling out each rung so it can securely lock into place. To collapse, it can be a matter of reversing the previous steps or a release button that allows the ladder to fold down. Some ladders will feature a no-pinch closure system.

It is important to use a sturdy ladder for both convenience and safety. Please refer to the maximum load of the ladder to ensure that it has a suitable weight capacity.

What are telescopic ladders made from?

A telescopic ladder is generally made up of aluminium stiles making them wear resistant. Extra wide slip-resistant treads are ideal for safety when climbing to heights. Other safety features include anti-slip feet at the bottom of the ladder prevent the ladder slipping when in use. Aluminium telescopic ladders are favoured among homeowners as aluminium is a reasonable price and lightweight.

Typical Applications

  • Roof and loft access

  • Window Cleaning

  • Painting and decorating

  • Fixing lights

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