Hex Bit Adapter

Hex bit adapters, or magnetic bit holders, are power tool parts that are used with cordless screwdrivers. They're designed with a magnet to make sure the screwdriver or drill bit sits securely in the chuck of your screwdriver.

How do you insert or remove hex bit adapters?

Hex bit adapters, as the name suggests, have a hexagonal-shaped slot which means they can accept bits with hexagonal shanks.

First you need to release the speed trigger on your cordless screwdriver and allow the device to come to a complete stop. Then pull the hex bit adapter out of the bit holder. To insert a new hex bit adapter, simply push it into the end of the bit holder.

Why are hex bit adapters useful?

Hex bit adapters are useful because they allow you to change different screwdriver and drill bits quickly and easily by pulling them out and pushing them in. The hex bit adapter has a powerful magnet at its base which holds the bit in place.

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