An arbor or mandrill is an attachment that is used with a hole saw and power drill to cut holes in metal, plastic and wood. The arbor is made up of three sections:
  • Arbor shaft – This end of the attachment is the section that fits into the chuck of the power drill.
  • Central collar – The central collar is the middle part of the arbor with a short threaded section on the underside of the collar base.
  • Pilot bit - The pilot bit is a drill bit fixed into the central collar through the threaded portion on the underside of the collar head.
What does it do?An arbor is a way of temporarily securing a hole saw to a power drill to enable cutting of circular holes in metal, plastic or wood. The arbor shaft is fixed into the chuck of the power drill. The hole saw is attached to the arbor through a small hole at the centre back of the hole saw. The saw is secured to the arbor by screwing the thread at the back of the hole saw to the threaded section under the central collar. Why do you need it?Hole saws and arbors are used in a wide variety of applications. The most common environments are:
  • Lighting - Cutting the hole in a ceiling before installing light fixtures
  • Drainage - Cutting holes in walls before installing waste pipes.
  • Pipework and plumbing - Cutting access holes for plumbing and pipelines.
  • Electrical cables and wiring - Cutting access holes in preparation for electric wiring connections.
TypesThere are two sizes of arbor:
  • Small arbor - 6.5mm – The 6.5mm arbor is used with hole saws with diameters in the 14mm to 32 mm range
  • Large arbor - 9.5mm – The 9.5mm arbor is used with hole saws with diameters in the 32mm to 152mm range

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