Push Button Nuts

Push button nuts are a type of nut that is used to secure long bolts quickly and easily. They move up and down the shaft of a bolt with the push of a button to secure them.

How do push button nuts work?

Push button nuts are used in applications where the nut has to be completely removed after the releasing operation and refitted rapidly for re-clamping. The nut is tilted over the threaded spindle. When in position, the nut is brought into a straight position to interlock the two threads on the nut and spindle. The nut will then have to be turned only by a fraction of a rotation to achieve clamping. Unlike conventional nuts and bolts that require a full turn, a fraction of a turn is all that is required to open a push button.

What are push button nuts used for?

Push button nuts are used to secure components where fast and frequent access is needed, such as inspection panels on aircraft and racing cars, covers on agricultural machinery and access panels in transportation and machine guarding.

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