Pneumatics, Hydraulics & Power Transmission

For all aspects of power transmission, RS Components provides pneumatic, hydraulic and electrical solutions. Whether its the components you need for creating and maintaining a purpose-built system, RS Components offers product ranges from leading brands.


With the versatility you need for compressed air flow or compressed gas systems, RS is an essential first stop for pneumatics components online. From solenoid valves and tubing, to advanced logic controllers and timers, we are confident we can support your project, factory plumbed installation, or maintenance needs.

RS also offers a large range of air pressure powered tooling. For applications from construction to health care, pneumatic systems and air powered tools often present a cost effective and safer alternative to electrical equivalents.


The RS range of hydraulics components and tooling supplies everything you need for maintaining or creating a hydraulic system. Using pressurized liquid to multiply force, hydraulics are common in mechanical applications where high power transmission is needed. From aircraft landing gear to heavy duty vehicle jacks, hydraulic power presents a simple, safe and economical solution.

Whether you need filtration parts, or pumps and power units, we can support your application. We also supply a range of hydraulic tools.

Power Transmission

From servo drives and motion controls to conveyors and transfer lines- RS Components has everything you need to build and maintain systems essential to industrial automation. Conveyor belt and roller chain style power transmission equipment is often very specialized, and we're confident we can support your workplace demands.

Hydraulic Versus Pneumatic

Perhaps the greatest advantage pneumatic systems have over hydraulic is that they are very clean, with no risk of potentially contaminating oils or liquids leaking in a controlled environment. With this in mind, air power is often used in food production facilities. Pneumatic pressure systems are also able to operate effectively in smaller sizes, and often present a more versatile and quick responding solution than can be offered by hydraulics.

The principle advantage of hydraulics is raw power. Because hydraulic oil is not compressible, it offers smooth operation despite transferring a greater degree of force. Hydraulic systems often present a more cost effective and straight forward solution to high power applications.

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