Projector Screens

A choice of good projector screen is crucial when it comes to displaying a high-quality presentation, movie or image in the location of your choice. Whenever you are looking to display a presentation to a wider audience at work or watch a movie with friends, projection screens can help you do it in a professional way.

Projector screens are made of a special fabric, vinyl or even woven fibreglass materials that are stretched between the flexible / fixed frame. Surrounding frame is black to increase a contrast and quality of a displayed media. Projector screens are available in several options. Portable screens stand independently on a tripod and are ideal for temporary usage. Fixed screens can be attached to the wall or ceiling.

How to choose a right projection screen?
Before you make a final decision on your new projection screen, you should check the display ratio of your projector. Projectors usually display a media as widescreen 16:9, 16:10 or standard 4:3. This value depends on the type of projector and resolution that it produces.

  • Portable projector screens are manually operated but wall or ceiling-mounted ones can be manual or electric.
  • Manual screens come with retractable pull-up/pull-down option.
  • Electric screens are equipped with a motor responsible for lowering the screen by using a remote control.
The market-leading manufacturers such as Optoma or Hama guarantee high-quality products and manufacturers guarantee.

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RS Stock No. 126-2052
หมายเลขชิ้นส่วนของผู้ผลิต / Mfr. Part No.DS-3084PWC
Brand :Optoma
4:3 1710mm 1280mm
RS Stock No. 126-2054
หมายเลขชิ้นส่วนของผู้ผลิต / Mfr. Part No.DP-1095MWL
Brand :Optoma
16:10 2030mm 1267mm
RS Stock No. 126-2053
หมายเลขชิ้นส่วนของผู้ผลิต / Mfr. Part No.DS-9092PWC
Brand :Optoma
16:9 2030mm 1145mm
RS Stock No. 126-2055
หมายเลขชิ้นส่วนของผู้ผลิต / Mfr. Part No.DP-3084MWL
Brand :Optoma
4:3 1707mm 1280mm
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