Tool Racks, Hooks & Holders

Organise your tools and store them safely and securely with wall mount tool holders. They're made from durable materials such as steel and zinc or hard plastic for a long life and safe service. They're designed to help you maintain a tidy workshop and to identify tools quickly and easily.

Types of wall mount tool holders

Choose from different designs depending on your tools. There are wall mount tool holders specifically sized for spanners and sockets.There are also designs with drill holders, hooks and spring clips for screwdrivers, spanners, drills and other hand tools including hand sawsand hex keys.

How to fit your wall mount tool holder

Your wall mount tool holder can be fitted directly on your wall or work bench or can also be mounted on a rail.

If you're fitting a wall mount too holder to your wall, you'll need a drill and screws. First mark the correct drilling location according to the hole size on your wall mount holder. Then drill the holder, hammer in wall plugs and screw in the screws. There are also screwless magnetic options.

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