Floor Standing Enclosures

Floor standing enclosures are a large, freestanding type of storage used to house and protect equipment, usually electronics.They are composed of a large unit, usually made of metal, that is able to house several racks of electrical equipment and other instruments.

How do floor standing enclosures work?

Floor standing enclosures are designed to fit the equipment quite snugly, so that a minimal amount of additional space is taken up. They are often fitted with locking systems in order to ensure that the doors are not accidentally opened. They also often have the capacity for enclosure accessories such as handles, fans and mounting panels.

Types of floor standing enclosures

The main way in which floor standing enclosures differ is in their size, which depends on the dimensions of the equipment they need to house. They can also be made of different materials, which affects their strength and whether the equipment can be seen from the outside. They can have either one or two doors.

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1 IP55 SE8 Welded Sheet Steel Grey 2000 x 800 x 400mm 400mm 2000 mm 800 mm - - Opaque