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Pieno Series

A person’s world is only as big as his heart. A person’s home is only as good as hismind. Have a big heart, be open-minded, and push the boundaries, spiritually and physically, from the life space to the details that matter.

Pieno, a switch that pushes the boundaries, for the big-hearted and the open-minded.- Expansive but not hollow, simple with substance - Slim rocker, sure click - Picture perfect, photo instant

Pieno Series

Vivace Series

Inspired by the influential Bauhaus movement, Vivace expresses a pleasing form follows function. With a slim and trim profile, the sleek clean lines and subtle curves manifest an art of simple, elegant minimalism. Every piece in this robustly constructed range sits perfectly within the context of any modern interior design.

Vivace, a style of modern simplicity that is always within your reach.


Kavacha Series

The ideal domestic weatherproof and waterproof electricity solution with Kavacha.

Mixing electricity with rain, moisture and water is a serious hazard that can wreck electrical appliances and endanger people. It is dangerous when water leaks into a non-waterproof electrical device and when a person touches electrical sockets with wet hands or accidentally splashes it with water.

The Power behind today’s industry

Designed to satisfy customer needs, precisely engineered and carefully manufactured, Schneider Electric Industrial Switchgear is as versatile as your requirements.

The 56 Series is suitable for heavy industrial environments with five different protection capabilities – Hose Proof, Dust Proof, Crash Proof, UV Resistance and Chemical Resistance.

56 Series Industrial Switchgear


E-Series switches and sockets are tough, resilient, built to take hard knocks and guaranteed to provide exceptional product life.