Somchai Muninta


คุณสมชาย มุนินตา

วิศวกรพัฒนาการทดสอบ, อิเมอร์สัน (ประเทศไทย) จำกัด

The severe flooding occurred during the 2011 monsoon season in Thailand made our engineering development centre and electronics manufacturing industry go under the water for several months.

Our print circuit boards, assembled parts and tools were all damaged and lost. The recovery plan was raised up immediately. With that situation, our engineering development had to pull back our automation-functional testers and robotic test systems to run efficiently as soon as possible. The most difficult work is how we can get all electronics parts and tools in a short time period.

RS Components is only one distributor of high quality electronics and maintenance products we could think of that time. We believe that with operations in 32 countries and 17 warehouses, over 550,000 products we can select whether on RS website or RS catalogue. We can search the part anytime and any where we need. The assured delivery time and the best price provided to us had assisted us to make a huge progress in developing the test system.

Finally, the manufacturing could be recovered within a month with all products supplied from RS Components was very appreciated. The several improvements and challenged projects have been expanded continually and surely the most trusted distributor we prefer is RS Components.

Mr.Atthakorn Patpimai
MC/BUYER - Supply Chain Electrical, Fabrinet Co. Ltd. / Thailand

Fabrinet is a global engineering and manufacturing services provider of complex optical and electro-mechanical components, modules and bulk optics serving data communications, telecom, networking, medical and automotive markets. Our customers are top-tier OEMs. We are passionate and committed to providing world-class reliability and quality that meets our customers' exacting standards.

RS Components makes it better for ordering. RS have a range of eSolutions that help us reduce the time it takes to find the products we need, and the time it takes to administer the purchase to payment cycle. Make it easy I appreciated. Simply online all of this saves you precious time.

When we have shortage part or urgent case RS can service our business move on by having many brands and stock, fast service on time and professional delivery. RS eSolutions – make the most of our time and reduce our purchasing costs! ...Awsome !!!!

Mr.Atthakorn Patpimai
Gordon Prier
Techncial Services Manager, Christian Resource Centre International / New Zealand

I repair Audio Visual Equipment. One day a british made sound mixer came in for repair. The only company that listed a power transformer for the power supply section - of the right voltage and type was RS. I ordered one of these and the following morning had a phone call from the RS office asking if I had recieved the part. I had not and was informed that due to an accident in air transport the item was likely on the bottom of the harbour. Another item was dispatched immediately and I did get this item. I was impressed with the efficiency and speed that this company was actively following up on its clients and macking sure that product was delivered promptly and was the right product. The repair has continued to work for many years since then and I still make sure I check the RS product range when needing a part or a tool that is not in the common easy to find area.

Gordon Prier
Janice Tan
Senior Buyer, Seamap Pte Ltd / Singapore

At Seamap, our partnership with RS Components over the years have proven that as a supplier, RS has not only be a most reliable stocking distributor with deep and comprehensive regional inventory of Interconnect and electro mechanical components in providing solutions to our business but also create differentiated value proposition, like vendor management to manage those extended long lead-time stocks. Also, contribute to the growth of our business in the design of sub-seas exploration equipment of international standard that was well received by our clients. On many occasions when components were urgently required, RS has never failed us to expedite deliver to our company which lead to the successful build-up of our equipments and in making deadlines. Hence, we are confident that our business would continue to grow through our close working relationship.

Being a true global company, RS not only adopt best practices and successful business model with seamless integration between regions and trusted distributors channel partners. With regional customer centers , RS provide enhanced customer service levels with value added services and solutions in creating differentiated value proposition for their customers’ needs. RS has helped us to reduce transactions costs and inventory levels as well as reduce supplier base – like a ‘one-stop shop”. All this has resulted in greater profitability for my company, it will definitely be a worthwhile long term investment for RS and Seamap.

Denis Jinol Bin Anthony
Mechanical Engineer, Aerospace Technology Systems Corporation / Malaysia

The aviation industry is an ever evolving field especially when it comes to the maintenance of sophisticated fighter jets. Here in our company, we are always on a tight schedule and we require the right tools and we need them FAST. That's where RS becomes the most dependable solution to our maintenance problems. Being able to dispatch on the same day and having the ordered tool to be delivered on time makes all the difference on our already hectic schedule.

RS also differs from their competitors in having the widest range of equipment online and is always well stocked. We have yet to be told that a certain tool is out of stock. RS has the latest technologies which helps us cope with the already complex techology of the aircraft. But what I personally like most about RS is having flexible order quantities. Competitors usually require a certain quantity to be able to dispatch on the same day as the order. We do not need a huge amount of tools when 2 or 3 is more than enough. This is also handy for our R&D Department in coming up with prototypes of special tools that are required from time to time.

The website is so user friendly that our logistics people with no technical background are able to identify and purchase tools based only on specifications from our engineers and technicians. This minimizes the time required for procurement and purchasing. Like I said, we are always running on a tight schedule and RS is always there to help us keep our world running.

Congratulations on your 75th Anniversary. We, in Aerospace Technolgy Systems Corporation, hope that you will help engineers keep the world running for many more years to come.

Denis Jinol Bin Anthony
Marketing, Sarana Citra Sukses / Indonesia

First time I met RS Component’s website by searching through Google and I found the website easily and very informative.

And one thing makes me interested that I can buy 1 pc of sample with cheap price although I had to pay expensive cost delivery but I believe RS Component can give good support to me.

After my customer agree to buy the goods then I send PO to the RS Component. What makes me surprised was the RS Component team can update best lead time to me.

I also have good experienced with RS Component Singapore, their staffs were quick response and now I have repeat order for second times and will order continually through RS Component. They can update better lead time so I can deliver the goods to my customer on time.

The packings were also good and my input for RS Component may stock for certain item that I usually ordered. It will assist much to me.

By having many products available and update new products via email continually will help customers around the world to choose the goods suitable with their needs and also reduce their time.

Hopefully we have long term business relationship.

Keep moving forward by giving best support and best innovation to all customers.

技术经理, 北京朗迪锋科技有限公司 / 中国










助理工程师, 大连辉瑞制药有限公司 / 中国





RS机械凸轮与电子在工业控制方面控制特点,无法用其他方法来代替早期的机械凸轮运行可靠,有司服电机带凸轮带动,可组成单层多触点,多层多触点360度,来完成各时间不间断程序控制。后期电子凸轮又称Resolver或编码器,Rncoder等将位置信息反馈到CPU进行解码运算处理,并按设定输出,这样已来不仅操作方便来完成各项要求。齿轮套件 337-653 齿轮外套 337-649 开关 159-4534 机器; WS-SUNDZ 大连地区高级商务代表 王伟 北京地区 王曼同志工作的 敬业 专业 职业 的责任心来积极配合完成。

采购工程师, 沈阳金研机床工具有限公司 / 中国

2009年工作开始了解并接触RS Components,已经和RS Compontents合作已经有4年的时间了,采购的产品也能有几千个品种,也在逐渐的感觉RS的产品,服务,库存,网站等等在不断的变化。


RS的产品种类希望能继续的扩大,库存的情况希望能及时的反馈在网站上,现在电子元件分销商的竞争越来越激烈,细节决定成败,希望RS Components越来重视细节的方面,希望RS越来越好,同时祝贺RS Components 75周岁生日快乐。

Danelle Warnock
Purchasing Officer, Ausdrill Limited / Australia

Forever. That's how long I have lived in Kalgoorlie Boulder, Western Australia where about 1/4 of the working population in this town is employed in the mining industry. Being involved in such an industry in a somewhat remote WA town, supply needs to be fast and accurate. To be able to get parts Ex UK (if necessary) in less than a week is a fantastic asset to RS Components. Downtime can cost a company a lot and to be able to rely on a company the way that we can rely on RS Components certainly relieves a lot of stress.

Ausdrill Limited, and specifically my role in the Purchasing Department leads me to deal with the sales staff at RS on a regular basis and I always come away quickly with the information that I need to move forward. RS Components continually assists me to do my job efficiently.

Coincidentally, me doing my job efficiently leads to the boys in the local workshop and also the guys on the mine sites out of town being able to complete their work with minimal downtime.

Ultimately the service that we get from RS - the ease of communication and the timely and accurate manner in which we receive our goods - contributes to the success of Ausdrill as a business.

Danelle Warnock
Yap Chui Yee
Supply Chain Executive, BI Technologies Corporation / Malaysia

Back in 2010, my company was desperately trying to support a customer who had a line down situation looming at its neck. We had to use an adhesive in our production process, which is under a DG category and with short shelf life. We were not able to get this adhesive from our regular distributors within our required time and RS Components rescued us from this dire state.

The local salesman was very helpful to hand deliver the stock to our facility despite not getting an official Purchase Order because our server was down. The price which RS was charging for this adhesive was also 5% lower than what we used to get. On a day when everything went wrong, RS Components made it RIGHT for BI Technologies and allowed us maintain to our excellent shipment record to our customer.

Thank you RS !

Yap Chui Yee
Luke Steiger
Electrical / Machining, Industrial Electric Co / Australia

Our company is a sub contractor for the lift industry, specialising in emergency shut down repairs. Due to the nature of this industry, it is important to use reliable suppliers in order to complete our work in a timely and effective manner. Lifts and escalators are an integral part of society, allowing people from all professions to conduct their day to day obligations and it is with great pride that we contribute to this network.

In our 30+ years of trading, we have found RS Components to meet and exceed our expectations as a trusted supplier with a user friendly online store and extremely helpful customer service, and having outstanding technical understanding of their products. In our most recent purchase, the RS Components customer service team were able to source replacemet parts for an obsolete product and provide all the necessary specifications to ensure the product was suitable for our application. This was achieved in a very timely manner, and we received the products within 3 days of our initial enquiry, thus allowing us to do our bit in keeping the world running.

With these characteristics embedded within the company, RS Components enables our company to keep the world running efficiently.

Luke Steiger
Somchai Muninta
Test Development Engineer, Emerson Thailand (Ayudthaya) Ltd. / Thailand

The severe flooding occurred during the 2011 monsoon season in Thailand made our engineering development centre and electronics manufacturing industry go under the water for several months.

Our print circuit boards, assembled parts and tools were all damaged and lost. The recovery plan was raised up immediately. With that situation, our engineering development had to pull back our automation-functional testers and robotic test systems to run efficiently as soon as possible. The most difficult work is how we can get all electronics parts and tools in a short time period.

RS Components is only one distributor of high quality electronics and maintenance products we could think of that time. We believe that with operations in 32 countries and 17 warehouses, over 550,000 products we can select whether on RS website or RS catalogue. We can search the part anytime and any where we need. The assured delivery time and the best price provided to us had assisted us to make a huge progress in developing the test system.

Finally, the manufacturing could be recovered within a month with all products supplied from RS Components was very appreciated. The several improvements and challenged projects have been expanded continually and surely the most trusted distributor we prefer is RS Components.

Somchai Muninta
Cicero C. Castandiello
Purchasing Supervisor, JG SUMMIT PETROCHEMICAL CORPORATION / Philippines

I am a supply management in profession for 14 years and RS Components is already a part of my career, or let’s say, part of my life. I’ve begun dealing with RS since I started my career in purchasing.

RS has good customer service, is prompt and efficient and the staff are friendly, helpful and happy to serve. Also, RS' staff strikes up a conversation, however irrelevant, but it also shows good customer service. A customer like me who works in a reputable large company should be made to feel important.

One good thing to remember is the prompt feedback from RS' staff about the defective Siemens magnetic contactor that I’ve purchased before a long time ago. In other words they don’t take any customer for granted. Because of their customer service, it gets my work completed.

I can't really remember any particular occasion about bad customer service of RS. I think it sticks in my mind more when I receive poor service - eg when the staffs have no sense of urgency etc.

A good customer service in any industry can keep the world running. It’s one thing that money can’t buy.

Francis Ng
CEO, CitiCall Communications Pte. Ltd. / Singapore

I started using RS Components in 1978 when I was a student and working on my engineering projects. Those were the days when internet and e-commerce was not available and RS Components was a one stop shop to find parts quickly.

35 years on to 2013 RS Components is still keeping my world running with even better service with RS Online. It's one place where I can find parts quickly and know for sure of the reliable deliveries.

In July 2012, I was installing a telecom system that required a special connector. RS Components was the only supplier in Singapore that had the connectors in stock. Rather than wait 2 weeks for a shipment from overseas, I was able to get it from RS Components the next working day.

Francis Ng
Carl Roberts
Construction Manager, Leighton Contractors (Asia) Limited / Hong Kong

A vast array of products and an easy to access online website complete with online assistace if required makes RS Components ideal for gathering information and ultimately getting the exact product that you require day or night.

In times of need or technical advice I know I am just a click away from finding exactly what it is I need, moreover, more often than not the product can be in my hand the very next day. This makes RS my desired wholesaler whether it's a single item or a vast array of products.

Simply put, this makes RS Components my fast, efficient 'one stop shop'.

工程師, TrendMicro / Taiwan

打開Raspberry Pi電源,享受開發的過程,替換XBMC Image變身成為家庭Media Player,是誰在全世界瘋狂缺貨搶購Pi時,還能替我快速送達,是RS Components! RS可以快速精準地提供適當訊息給予我參考,RS可以同步各零件產品更新,提供最新最廉價的產品選擇供我選擇,沒有RS強大的物流,我們的工作無法即時開發,沒有RS豐富的產品線,我們的產品無法跟上潮流,謝謝RS!

วันทนา ทองขาว
เจ้าหน้าที่ฝ่ายจัดซื้อ บริษัท คอนโทรล รีสอร์ซ จำกัด / Thailand

ตลอดระยะเวลาหลายปีที่ผ่านมา เรามั่นใจในสินค้าที่ได้มาตรฐาน และมีคุณภาพจาก RS Components ร่วมไปถึงสินค้าหลากหลายประเภททั้งด้านไฟฟ้าและอิเลคทรอนิกส์ มีการจัดหมวดหมู่เพื่อค้นหาได้อย่างง่ายดาย บริการที่สะดวกรวดเร็ว ราคาที่แสนจะคุ้มค่าเหมาะสม ในการเลือกซื้อ แพ็กเกจในการส่งสินค้าทำให้เรามั่นใจได้ว่าสินค้าที่สั่งซื้อจะไม่มีการชำรุด แตกหักเสียหายอย่างแน่นนอน ขอบคุณ RS Components ที่ช่วยให้เรามีสินค้า และบริการที่ดีที่สุด

วันทนา  ทองขาว
Chin Kian Wei
R&D Hardware Engineer, Escatec Technology Sdn Bhd / Malaysia

RS Malaysia is the only one unique component distributor who support low quantity component. This is particularly crucial for R&D development project, as we introduce improvements and lower cost solution from time to time, RS provide small quantity purchase for testing, and best thing is no charge for delivery.

The service RS provides helps to reduce purchasing lead time, especially during prototyping because usually the purchase lead time is way shorter compared to other competitors’ offer.

From my experience, the parts received from RS are at good quality, unlike some distributor who deliver parts which are rusted or clearly shows sign of re-worked before.

I would personally recommend electronic engineer to use RS as the first stop whenever components are needed.

Chin Kian Wei
Rahayu Hashim
Project Engineer, Solar Alert Sdn Bhd / Malaysia

I kept staring at the phrase 'RS Components help you keep the world running'. Why? Does the world literally stop running without RS? No.. But somehow, in this competitive world of industrial that we are surrounded with, where the requests and demands from clients are often urgent, RS Components could step up to the challenge.

Whenever in need, we could always rely on RS through its online directory or customer service to get what we need in a timely manner. The goods are always received at our doorsteps and the quality, of course, you can count on.

So, yes.. RS helps us in keeping the world running, to keep our small industrial world in pace.

Purchaser, PELITA JAYA / Malaysia

Ever since CV. PELITA JAYA has been serviced by the RS Premier Accounts Support Executive team, we feel the privilege of having an express-service-feedback from RS Components. I would like to express my sincere appreciation for their valuable support and priority, and kind cooperation during these few months and hopefully, counting.

They provide prompt response to CV. PELITA JAYA, both via email and telephone service, with excellent code of conduct, professional response, and good execution of case-handling and specific one-to-one contact communication. We feel very satisfied with their service and strongly suggest RS to maintain the good work and look forward to receiving more of their services.

We find them very helpful, even during one's absence, there will be somebody else who can take control of the tasks well and promptly. The team has eased away the long-queue of email response that we previously got from RS. We do hope that they can keep up the good work.

David Pannell
Service Co-ordinator, K.R.C. Electrical Industries / Australia

I have been dealing with RS Components for twenty three years and during this time they have shown and delivered exceptional service which still continues to this day, goods we have ordered arrive on agreed time as always with care and consideration to the customer. A lot of other companies only wish they could operate as efficiently and reliable as RS Components, thank you for all your support over the years and happy 75, please remember if you walk the walk and talk the talk as your company has you will always be successful, we look forward to continuing our wonderful business relationship.

星野 智恵子
電気設計サポート, 有限会社共和電機 / 日本







小澤 靖子
資財, 有限会社共和電機 / 日本




Md Faizul Bin Mohamed @ Ismail
Sales Coordinator, Vivid Business Sdn Bhd / Malaysia

"Rapid Source". Itulah sinonim RS bg saya. Sumber rujukan utama yang banyak membantu saya dalam industri oil & gas. Bilamana pelanggan memerlukan maklumat terpeinci mengenai sesuatu produk dengan kadar segera di mana lagi hendak dicari kalau bukan di RS Catalog. Hanya dengan beberapa klik apa yang dikehendaki di depan mata.

Satu perkara yang menarik mengenai RS, bila saya menghantar barangan berkotak dan berlabelkan RS, tidak sekalipun barang-barang ini di 'reject'.

Ya betul. RS adalah "Rasa Selamat". Produk-produk RS dipercayai dalam industri ini. Manakan tidak, ada diantara gergasi oil & gas di Malaysia sanggup menyediakan tender khas membekal barang-barang RS untuk tempoh masa yang panjang. Kami pernah memenangi tender ini beberapa tahun lalu namun kami percaya kami mampu memenangi tender ini kembali dengan bantuan "telesales officer" yang sentiasa ceria dan peramah.

Kemudahan credit yang diberikan RS juga banyak membantu kami membekalkan produk-produk kepada pelanggan dalam jangkamasa yang ditetapkan. Apalagi yang menarik mengenai RS? Hahahaha.. sudah tentulah hadiah yang ditawarkan. Hadiah ditawarkan cukup menarik. Sudah tentulah bagi saya RS adalah "Rasa Seronok" untuk berurusniaga.

徳永 英晃
パナソニック株式会社, デバイス社 / 日本


徳永 英晃
研发工程师, 北京锐致聪科技有限公司 / 中国






Hannes Koppl
Beverages, Visy / Australia

For many years now RS is my partner in many different projects. I moved around the globe from Europe to Australia and found it hard to find reliable suppliers of electrical goods.

I found RS here down under and it was an instant success story. RS has the widest product range which keeps me flexible and in consequence the customers happy since I can offer alternatives. Most impressed though I am with the delivery and fast response if any problems arise.

I want to thank the RS components team for their support throughout the years and keep up your good work. Thanks.

加藤 和仁
業務, ニスコ株式会社 / 日本

RSって何?? 最初の一言はこれからでした。設計部門の担当者から、【これRSに 手配すれば、明日には届くよ】 【そんなに早く届くはずないだろう!!】
半信半疑の思いから翌日には、この会話に納得した自分がいました。 ちょうど量産に1個足りなくて・・・


清水 満
電気設計部, ジェーピーイー株式会社 / 日本



数年前までは、製品注文ロット数が多量のため、資材調達で特にプリント基板等で使用する個々の電気部品もまとめて購入しておりましたが、ここにきて最近は注文ロット数が減少してきているため、先行きの予想もつかないのでまとめて購入出来なくなりました。 このような時に貴社のRSオンラインを利用しております。


副工程師, 索爾思光電股份有限公司 / 台灣

RS 75 週年了,認識 RS 也有7.8年了。 看到 RS 一直在改變 零件的新增制度改善及多樣的活動,都深深吸引者購物者,還有出貨速度的效率,還有多樣的產品。 從以往到今 RS 變化很大,從書本的型錄還有網路的查詢及數位的USB 型路都很方便。 RS 提供了各式各樣的零件。在設計產品上只要找到RS型錄或網站,所需要零件挑選都方便許多。 還有出貨的速度, RS 不計成本從各地倉庫調貨。 即使東西只有一件 一樣,為了讓客戶早點收到商品照樣出貨,另人感動。 最後,祝 RS 生意興隆,產品無限多!

研究所、所長, 株式会社日本マイクロシステム / 日本


คเชนทร์ นาคะเลิศกวี
ผู้จัดการฝ่ายการตลาด และ เภสัชกรประจำโรงงาน, หจก.ภูมณีรัตน์เภสัช / Thailand

"ตี๊ดดดด.....ปั้บ...." เสียงหม้อแปลงไฟฟ้าของเครื่องชั่งดิจิตอลพังอีกแล้ว..

แล้วผมก็ต้องเจอปัญหาในการจัดการอีกแล้ว ทำยังไงผมจึงจะจัดหาหม้อแปลงใหม่มาใช้ในฝ่ายผลิตให้ทันเวลาเพื่อทำงานต่อไปได้นะ แล้วตอนนี้จะไปหาซื้อที่ไหนล่ะ หม้อแปลงที่ซื้อมาตามตลาดนัดหรือร้านไฟฟ้าทั่วไปก็ไม่ได้เรื่อง นี่เปลี่ยนมาเกือบ 5 ตัวละ ..
ทันใดนั้น เร็วเท่าความคิด ผมมองไปที่โน๊ตบุ๊คเก่าๆของผม .. เออ..เราก็ใช้อินเตอร์เน็ทค้นหาสิ จะได้ของที่น่าจะมีคุณภาพดีกว่าที่เคยใช้มา

"ac adaptor 12v 500ma" กด search

ข้อมุลที่ปรากฏ ผมได้เข้าติดต่อไปที่ ทันที ....

RS Components คือที่ที่ผมได้รับความสะดวกรวดเร็วในการสั่งซื้อหม้อแปลงคุณภาพตามที่ต้องการ มีระบบออนไลน์ในการติดต่อ ช่วยให้ลดขั้นตอนในการค้นหาได้อย่างรวดเร็ว ศูนย์ออนไลน์สายตรง และ สายด่วน พร้อมด้วยทีมงานมืออาชีพที่สามารถให้คำตอบในข้อสงสัย และการบริการอันแสนรวดเร็วในการจัดส่งสินค้าถึงมือด้วยเวลาไม่เกิน 5 วันทำการ ซึ่งบ่งบอกถึงการเอาใจใส่ในการบริการอันน่าประทับใจ
และการประสานงานภายในองค์กรภายใต้ระยะเวลาอันจำกัดได้เป็นอย่างดี อีกทั้งยังมีการตรวจสอบรายละเอียดสินค้า และให้คำแนะนำได้อย่างดีตามที่ลูกค้าอย่างผมต้องการ ในสถานการณ์อันเร่งด่วน

หากไม่มีการวางระบบที่ดี และ ความเป็นมืออาชีพในด้านอุปกรณ์อิเลคทรอนิกส์และอุปกรณ์ซ่อมบำรุงนี้ ผมคงไม่สามารถแก้ไขงานได้ทันตามเวลาแน่นอน

Mrs. Wannapa Kachapri
Purchasing, Mitsubishi Electric Automation (Thailand) Co., Ltd. / Thailand


ประทับใจในการบริการของ RS components ตลอดมา เพราะ

การส่งมอบสินค้าตรงเวลา และพนักงานส่งสินค้าสุภาพ เรียบร้อบ


คุณภาพสินค้าตรงตาม Spec ของ MEATH

การติดต่อประสานงาน ได้รับการตอบสนองอย่างรวดเร็ว

การแก้ไขปัญหามีความรวดเร็ว แจ้งข้อมมูลกลับทันทีเมื่อมีปัญหา

มีการติดตามเยี่ยมเยียนหลังการขายใส่ใจลูกค้าดี และให้คำปรึกษาแนะนำเกี่ยวกับผลิตภัณฑ์ตลอด


採購, 碩擇實業股份有限公司 / 台灣



因為RS不但在數量上能給予SUPPORT,品質也能幫我把關,在貨期時效上更能迅速達成.名副其實的成為了我的好幫手,幫助我能順利又即時完成工作指標, 現在我每天都帶著輕鬆的心情來上班, 難題就交給RS團隊囉!!

工程師, 財團法人(工研院) / 台灣

在15~20年前左右,打從我進入電力電子研發領域,那個時候半導體元件還不是很容易購得,如PWM IC,電晶體(MOSFET,IGBT)等,而那時網路也不像現在有這麼多的通路商代理零件之類,就在這個時候,找到了RS代理商,聲稱3~5個工作天即可到貨,這對研發人員來講是最好不過了,至今路路續續還有在購買零組件等,感謝有你(RS).

Ms Reva
Purchaser, Greatech Integration M Sdn Bhd / Malaysia

I’m working in an Automation company as Purchaser. My job is to deal with raw material products and service suppliers. We will get quote from supplier and usually waiting for principle to quote our supplier might be 1 to 2 days to get the quotation. When entering office everyone will feel dreadful about the daily job. I hate the words of “URGENT” and “NEED BY TODAY”, sometime the user will say “SUPER URGENT”.

My position to check the price and update to user is very important for the company and at same time they should know this is not “Seven Eleven” to keep stock and whenever they need as fast to support, we have a lot suppliers that we need to check the price and delivery date. In this matter I would like to inform one of the best of component supplier worldwide is “RS Components“, whenever I face any problem they will respond immediately no matter what time we call.

RS will always give us a big support with the fast service they provide which is a tier above the rest. The part will arrive earlier from the date committed. My job will be easy when RS is here. RS is great because they are different from other component company. We are also happy with their RS Rewards Infinity and fantastic gift. I choose RS is my first choice and thank you to RS.

They make our company happy with 5 good policies:-
1) Fast Delivery
2) Good Service
3) Better Price
4) Meet Customer Commit Date
5) Happy with RS Rewards Gifts


小林 春輝
製品開発, 株式会社アルファ / 日本




先行開発部, 澤藤電機株式会社 / 日本




一つ目は、注文から取引が完了するまで親身になって対応していただけることです。 注文後のご連絡対応の早さや、納期の確認、納品書や請求書の分かりやすさ、商品の梱包の丁寧さなど、お客様に大変丁寧でわかりやすい対応をいつもしていただけるからであります。

RS様にしかない確かな対応と迅速な対応をこれからも続けていっていただきたいです。 二つ目は、カタログの見やすさ(WEBでの検索も含む)です。RS様は大変部品が豊富で、検索も分かりやすくてとても満足しております。部品の寸法や仕様など一目でわかり、部品の写真もカラーで映っておりますのでとても見やすいカタログであると思います。


Cheng Wee
Project Manager, Nicotra Gebhardt Sdn Bhd / Malaysia

With such a stiff competing business world, everything we do is very cost and time conscious. We need the goods to be delivered to us lightning fast, dirt cheap and yet quality not compromised. Where on earth could I find such a dream deal? Yes, now you have RS Online to save the day! I love almost about everything about RS Online, the web page, the search engine, the cute and helpful sales representative, and most importantly, with reasonable pricing and fast stock replenishment, the procurement task is no longer a nightmare. I used to order a lot of parts globally, and most of the time, custom clearance, freight cost and the lead time is a killer. With RS Online, your Freddy Krueger is going bye bye!

How wonderful you have an urgent order, which you place today and the next day you get a "Christmas Present" like box laying nicely in your store! Without the headache of tax exemption, negotiation of freight cost, RS Online has done everything for you!

Dealing with RS Online is the greatest experience I ever had in my life. As long as I am still doing the procurement for my company, and RS is still online, you will have my PO going into your system, and that is for sure!

Cheng Wee
Felicia Toh
Purchasing, STME Technology (M) Sdn Bhd / Malaysia

We have been dealing with RS Components for more than 8 years and find the ordering process simple, the product quality is great, the prices are competitive, and dealing with RS saves us from dealing with duty and customs. I'm happy to purchase with RS, as RS offers more than 550,000 products ranging from electronics, automation and control, test and measurement, to electrical and mechanical components which reduces our turnaround time to source the item. An all round good experience.

As a RS Infinity member too, we earn a point for every single order that we place. We do love the rewards program because we feel like really getting something of value. Plus, the points are a unique form of currency that your competition doesn’t have.

宮口 裕
マイクロシステム融合研究開発センター, 東北大学 / 日本



Hasrul Redwan
Technical Purchaser, International Procurement Centre, ELEKTRISOLA / Malaysia

Waking up in the morning knowing that you have to go to the office is something that everyone dreads about daily. Work itself is like the ocean waves, sometimes its lovely but then it hits you hard. My job as a purchaser is also like the waves. Sometimes tsunami hits you without warning and you are at lost. One common word, URGENT!! This word is what most of the purchasers hate to hear. "Hi Hasrul, I need a circuit breaker, it's URGENT, can I get it by tomorrow?" or in some cases "Bro, I need the parts yesterday. Can help me?" or "The whole world is waiting for you!!". Most of the time I will tell them off "I'm not working in 7-eleven". Nonetheless, thess are the kind of people that colour my life daily because without them there will be no challenge and drama to spice up my 7th year working in Elektrisola. This is no longer an issue when you have RS Components to the rescue! My work has never been this easy before. Thanks to RS Components I can now manage to impress and keep most of my users happy with the fast delivery. Keep it up!

Hasrul Redwan
BK Yong
Director, Pacujaya Sdn. Bhd. / Malaysia

I have been with RS Components Malaysia since its opening year. RS has become my one stop supplier with a wide range of products. RS has excellent and reliable products with the fastest delivery time in this market. RS rewards their loyal customers with free gifts and has a fantastic rewards program called RS infinity. I redeemed quite a lot of attractive gifts from there. My account manager Ms Louise Thang is a very responsive sales person who is able to provide me an immediate solution whenever I face any problems. RS will always remain as my first choice for all my supply needs.

Fong Yen Kwong
Procurement Specialist, Belati Oilfield Sdn. Bhd. / Malaysia

I had great experiences with RS and it always helps lighten my daily job burden. The selection of goods are vast with all kinds of access methods - from the most preferred Internet, to catalogue, CD or even a USB! Ordering process is flawless and it's done in just a few clicks and most importantly is the quick response and fast delivery of my orders.

The sales person from RS Components did a great job of always keeping us in contact all the time and provides a very professional service.

RS is definitely my first choice when sourcing for my purchases!

Keep up the good work!

Fong Yen Kwong
矢野電気 / 日本



薦田 純利
主事, パナソニックヘルスケア株式会社 / 日本




Ho Yun Kit
Procurement Manager, HKM Green Tech Sdn. Bhd. / Malaysia

At first thought the statement of "RS Components helps you keep the world running?" seems far fetched especially in our field where the thorniest part of our job is to deal with product and service suppliers. Personally, many times we will be staring at disappointments more often than not; trying juggle between meeting deadlines and awaiting principle supplier’s quotes/delivery.

Nonetheless, we have never been disappointed by our local RS Components office and representatives. If we fail to gather information from their comprehensive online directory, we can always count on the helping hand of the RS representative assigned to us. I have only praises for him and his colleagues for always trying to serve us the best they could. They do indeed keep my small world running when it matters.

维修工程师, GSK / 中国



藤井 茂則
技術開発部・係員, 宇部興産機械株式会社 / 日本





西 和泉
営業事務, 共和電子株式会社 / 日本



また メーカーによってですが品物不足に陥った時 営業の方も含めとても助かりました 有難うございました。

Hunter Miao
Isis Technology Corp. / Taiwan

我今年 11 歲, 是家中的獨生女, 當我還小的時候, 我覺得爸爸常常需要出國, 爸爸說要去"看廠商驗貨", 我不知道什麼是"看廠商驗貨", 我只知道我不喜歡爸爸出國, 我喜歡爸爸在家講故事給我聽, 陪我一起騎車, 陪我一起打球, 可是當時爸爸說他必須要常常出國驗貨, 因為公司要賣最好的產品給客戶, 這是他的責任!!

幾年前開始,爸爸忽然出國的次數減少了,甚至有時半年都不用去"看廠商驗貨"了,常常看到爸爸抱著幾箱"紅白相間"的箱子,然後笑著告訴我,"有了這些紅白箱,爸爸就不用出國看廠商驗貨了,可以常常在家陪你了",當時我猜,這些紅白箱的主人一定是聖誕老公公,因為聖誕老公公也是紅色 + 白色的~~!!


Hunter Miao
Lisa Obst
Production & Logistics Manager, Baleen Filters Pty Limited / Australia

Regardless of which industries we supply and service, with RS Components we are able to source and research new and upcoming products in technology. The worldwide supply chain offered allows informed decisions with access to data sheets and specs upon immediate demand with not only a vast range of similar products to compare, and almost have everything up to the kitchen sink!

Quite often "Murphy's Law" challanges us all, whereby things are required yesterday ... when it's already next week - the supply and ease of dispatch to our doors via web orders or phone are not only competitive in pricing but realiable. No-one likes a supplier who doesn't bend over backwards to help in ensuring your own client gets the best service all year round, and I must say RS in over 12 years has not let us down, nor our clients down.

Throughout the years RS has supplied and even sourced the manufacture of specific items for our business, the communication and service they provide is a tier above the rest, and realistically they do keep the world running as opposed to some suppliers who seriously are still inventing the wheel.

工学部・准教授, 茨城大学 / 日本


Hugh Tassell
Managing Director, Quantitative Research Group / Australia

Quantitative Research Group recently moved towards RS as our electronic component supplier. Our company develops leading edge bespoke monitoring technology for animal population dynamics and ecological research. We are dependent upon fast access to the broadest range of electronic components and equipment in order to remain competitive in the marketplace.

When placing our first order with RS, we were immediately struck by the efficiency of RS Components’ parametric search mechanism. This served to substantially reduce the time to appraise and identify suitable components for our devices undergoing development.

Upon placing this first order with RS one evening, we were amazed to find the parts delivered first thing the following morning. In the time pressured environment of developing tracking and monitoring technology for seasonal research programs, the time savings that RS Components gives us provides a strong competitive advantage.

Put simply, RS Components’ range of products, their competitive pricing and their outstanding customer service and delivery have been paramount in guaranteeing the success of our company.

I would not hesitate to recommend RS Components to anybody involved in electronics engineering, product and research development or whenever you require electrical components for whatever reason.

电力、通信, 深圳金宏威技术股份有限公司 / 中国





David Luxton
Site Electrician, VIP Packaging / Australia

I'm the Site Electrician at a packaging company in Western Sydney and RS helps keep my world running by keeping the biggest range of electrical and electronic components readily available so that I can get the machine running again in minimum time during a breakdown. I can either go down the road and pick up what I need or order it and I know I'll have it the next day. The RS website has a very easy to use interface and search function which often speeds up the process. I also find the tech support help line extremely helpful with finding alternative and rare parts. Keep up the good work RS!!!

David Luxton
Michael Murray
Purchasing Officer, Royal Perth Hospital / Australia

I work in a challenging role at Royal Perth Hospital, as a Purchasing Officer. I liaise with RS Components on a daily basis so as to fulfil my demanding department that deals with wide ranging products in medical technology. These items usually come into our department to be quickly fixed and there is an added pressure to get the items fixed and back on the wards in an efficient timeframe.

There are many examples where RS Components have gone the extra mile to help me find a certain product. From the technical people in Sydney to the people in customer service, I have always found the people to be helpful and able to help. The passage below is a truthful account of what happened this year.

The frustration of not being able to find a certain part can be high, especially when its essential for the item to be used in say, Theatre. That then makes the job for RS far more serious and thought provoking. I once had this exact situation, where an item had come in from Theatres and needed fixing "within 48hrs." I instructed Technical support at Sydney (02 9681 8500) and the chap I spoke to was I believe called Stan. This fella went to all outlooks to find the appropriate part. It turned out that the item was obsolete, but he sourced a similar item from the UK. He then went to the trouble to super speed the item from the UK within 2 working days. This, as you know usually takes between 5 to 7 working days, but that would have not helped theatres RPH. The chap at RS Components realised the urgency and his desire to go the extra mile in finding this product saved the day!

A simple and worthwhile example of RS Components doing their bit!
Well done RS Components

David Luxton
Peter Bleakley
Senior Technical Officer, University of Queensland / Australia

In the world of academia, people's knowledge and research are their world. Also, a lot of the research and study that takes place at the University of Queensland has massive impact on the greater world around us.

I frequently have to assist passionate engineers with the design and instrumentation of their projects, usually with minimal budget and to very tight deadlines. If long lead times and expenses beyond the norm halt one of my projects then the world comes crashing down around me. But with next day delivery on the bulk of components and extremely competitive pricing, RS keeps the world running for the people I deal with every day, and that keeps my world running! Thank you RS!

David Luxton
Peggy Low
Admin, LC Tech Engineering / Malaysia

With demand running at such a high level, and in an effort to keep things as simple as possible, RS has decided to set a single global price and a single global delivery charge. This is why I choose RS as my 1st priority when looking to purchase.

Using online at any where any places any time, fair price, view quotation anytime, this is the best part of RS. I will follow RS till the end. I'm very happy using RS in Malaysia, because so far the update and the services is the best in Malaysia. My position in my office is Admin, I did not have any knowleadge in engineering, but I can use RS website to find all the engineering products to make my job easy. I hope RS will continue this policy untill end of the day. Thanks RS.

Peggy Low
千葉大学 大学院理学研究科・准教授 / 日本


東北大学 工学部・助教授 / 日本


Melvyn C. Papa
Buyer, Flexo Manufacturing Corporation / Philippines

I worked in a flexible manufacturing company, in charge of engineering items. I am kinda jealous of some of my colleagues as they handle major raw materials and supplies. They are given the opportunity to travel abroad to do supplier audit in mostly Asian countries, I have thought, maybe the item I handled for procurement is not that important, giving me some weird feeling of insecurities as well, until one night, one of our machine broke down and needed certain parts to keep the machine runnning. We asked the OEM to send us the urgent parts but was told it would take few weeks, our Asian counterparts gave 2 weeks but is offering a replacement and was unsure if it was gonna work out on our machine. We were helpless that time as we needed to produce and deliver on our top client. We were already in the situation that we needed to tell them our problem and it may result in losing them in return. I was given a final task to find the item and resorted to RS' website. Voila, I found the item though having a week leadtime - enough and in time for us to beat the client's deadline. The part even arrived earlier than expected. It saved the day for me and the company as a whole. From there I realised no matter how small or big you are tasked to procure it has the same importance in a company, from there it also gave way for me to advance one step forward for such a great job.

Melvyn C. Papa
Michael T. Vermeulen
Project Manager, Royal District Nursing Service (RDNS) / Australia

Stumbled onto your website searching for a part. Thought I found what I was looking for and spoke to George in technical support. He was fantastic and confirmed my requirements. Spoke to Michelle in ordering. She told how to order online. (EASY!) Ordered online at 1pm. Parts arrived this morning. Checked and confirmed correct parts. THAT is amazing service and I am impressed. If that is standard service, you guys have nailed it. WELL DONE!

Michael T. Vermeulen
総務部マネージャー コペル電子株式会社 / 日本




采购主管, JOT自动化技术(北京)有限公司 / 中国




射频工程师, 电子科技大学 / 中国



Scott Taylor
Overhead Cranes, Total Hoists and Cranes / Australia

We build large cranes for the mining sector here in Western Australia, which can be very demanding on our resources. We have had to run double shifts at times to get the work done and this is where RS Components has really helped. Their easy to use online system has enabled guys to order parts or restock 24 hours a day so that the parts are delivered without delay and in time for the next shift. The parts are easy to find and always have a detailed photo and technical data sheet to accompany them. We use RS for most of our electrical equipment and they haven't let us down yet.

Chris Woollard
Ashford Hospital, Adelaide Community Healthcare Alliance / Australia

RS helps keep the world running by stocking and shipping a universe full of spares with next day delivery. With light speed delivery like this we minimise down time of machinery, electrical, electronic equipment and many more, saving us time and money.

I was at the 1978 FA cup final (Ipswich Town v Arsenal) and being an avid Ipswich supporter I know these days do not come around that often. Unlike your Manchester United, Chelsea and Arsenal etc, I knew that this may be a one off opportunity to witness Ipswich win the FA Cup. On the day we dominated the game and rattled their woodwork (Burley, Wark and Mariner) on four occasions and it looked as if it would never ever happen until that Roger Osbourne goal that clinched the FA Cup for Ipswich that day. I cannot explain the emotions and feelings that you go through when this situation occurs but needless to say they are emotions and feelings that you never ever forget. Celebrations in Ipswich Town for 2 days were fantastic and the FA Cup brought the whole Town together and united we stood. I would love the opportunity to re-live that experience although I know it may not be with my beloved Ipswich Town.

采购, 安徽科达 / 中国


采购专员, 歌尔声学股份有限公司 / 中国




总经理, 泰州市天美贸易有限公司 / 中国




职员, 济南重成自动化技术有限公司 / 中国









测试工程师, 上海复旦微电子集团股份有限公司 / 中国

话说2010年接手公司的一个项目,项目中需要用到一个XILINX的CPLD,具体型号是:XC95108,XC95108的封装形式是PLCC84。该项目为公司一款芯片设计专用测试仪,该芯片型号为FM23XX,FM23XX——单相居民多费率电能表专用芯片,可以实现各个地区单相多费率电能表规约。该芯片能同时支持多费率的机电一体化表和全电子电能表,可直接驱动双计度器、LED和LCD,支持停电显示功能。借助一定的应用软件能实现《单相多费率电度表技术规范》中的精确计时、时段管理、电量统计、数据维护、编程设置、脉冲输出、常数设置和红外、485通信等功能。该项目中的CPLD实现芯片数字信号部分的测试。具体连接方式是通过PLCC84母座连接CPLD。起初我们的测试方案是公司采购员在上海科技京城赛维电子市场购买的普通PLCC84母座,具体制造商SMANN WSW ,测试仪样机出来后,在实验室小批量测试基本ok,实现预期目标。最终准备给封装厂大批量生产测试,封装测试厂商发现测试仪批量测试及其不稳定,尤其在其中一项LCD测试项,老是测试不稳定。通过重新上电就可以测试通过。但是测试几分钟又测试fail。封装测试厂商将这个问题反应给我们,领导要我立刻出差去解决这个问题,在现场两天加班加点的调试,通过示波器、信号发生器,测试都很ok。搞的非常头大!电话给我师兄请教这个问题,这个师兄是个电子牛人,他说很有可以是CPLD的PLCC母座有问题,接触不是很好导致测试不稳定。他推荐我在RS上购买TE Connectivity的母座(RS库存号:612-6833),于是听从他的建议在RS购买TE Connectivity的母座,更换后问题解决,同时也让我于RS结上了不解之缘,RS成为我的良师益友。在之后的设计中,在芯片的选项、芯片的报价都给了我很大的帮助。


工程師,國家同步輻射研究中心 / 台灣

With the demand for emergency requirement of circuits and systems, RS in Taiwan provides their customers fast in time prototyping with immediate delivery of the ordered components from all over the world. Due to its short delivery period and economic delivery cost, we don’t need to purchase too many spare components for emergency cases during daily work. Also, we can design our systems in advance during the delivery time. When the ordered components arrive, the job can be done shortly just after receiving them. Also, the variety of products on RS' web site can satisfy the requirement of different application fields. Engineers don’t need to purchase those components from different sources to save their valuable time for better design. In conclusion, the service of RS is a strong support for engineers in their daily jobs for instant and convenient assistance.

片桐 康
ビジネス営業部・主査,NTT東日本 宮城支店 / 日本


資材部調達課, 三幸電機株式会社 / 日本


電子部品業界に関してはズブの素人(今も素人同然ですが)でした。 EMS業界に入ってビックリしたことは、まずはその設計から試作、量産までのスパンの短さでした。 お客様は産業機器のメーカー様ばかりである程度、開発スパンはゆったりされているのかと想像をしていたのですが、開けてビックリ、図面が提示されたら1週間で試作品を持ってこい!という強行スケジュール。 様々な部品を欠品なく実装してお客様へ納品するのが至上命題のEMSメーカー、例え1点でも部品が揃わない場合は製品として機能しません。 基本的に量産時に購入することになる部品メーカー・代理店様からサンプルを入手するのですが、全てそんな短期間で部品が揃うわけがありません。 苦し紛れに部品型番をインターネット検索して、御社のHPに「在庫あり」と表示された時のあの安堵感といったらありません。


私どものような業態には打ってつけのストロングポイントばかり!! これからも欲しいときに、欲しい数量を最短で購入できる強みを伸ばして欲しいです!!

手塚 孝則
課長, 日昭無線株式会社 / 日本


第一開発部,グローバル・リンクス・テクノロジー株式会社 / 日本

いつも電子部品の購入をさせて頂いています。 我が社は20数名と小さな会社で、部材を買うにも少量での購入が主になっています。 なので、商社より購入するにも限られた数社しか購入できません。 しかし、RSさんでは部品1個から購入が出来、とても助かっています。しかも注文した翌日午前中には会社に届きます。 我が社のような零細企業には無くてはならない存在です。 とても身近な存在であり、とても信頼できるRSさんには今後ともよろしくお願いします。


When the world counts on them, engineers
around the globe count on us for:

  • Widest range online & in stock

    Our global offering currently comprises over 550,000 products, with around 5,000 new products added every month.

  • Same-day dispatch*, on-time delivery

    We ship more than 46,000 parcels every working day – that’s one parcel every two seconds! With our global network of 17 distribution centres, you can be assured of quick delivery.

  • Expert local language support

    We have direct operations in 32 countries and distributors in a further 37, plus 60 local language websites worldwide.

  • Smart search, tools & platforms

    DesignSpark, the fastest growing community for electronics engineers, has over 90,000 members while our library of over 30,000 3D CAD models serves 15,000 downloads per month.

  • Latest leading technologies

    Working closely with 2,500 world-class suppliers, we can introduce the latest products simultaneously worldwide through our website. Our comprehensive portfolio includes semiconductors, passives, electromechanical components, and development kits and tools to support every design. We also have an unrivalled range of automation and control products available for easy search and purchase online.

  • Flexible order quantities

    Whether your order comprises 1,000 products or just one, we always provide outstanding service. We have also expanded our packing options to include production-ready packaging.

For all your electronics and maintenance needs, visit < RS Online URL >.

* Please refer to the RS Online site for local delivery terms and conditions.

Justin Lim

Designer / Singapore

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