Light & Electromagnetic Radiation Measurement

Electromagnetic radiation is found in various guises including microwaves, X-rays, radio waves, gamma rays, infrared radiation and of course, light. Each of these carries a wavelength, which denotes the amount of energy being carried, and differs for each one.

Types of light & electromagnetic radiation measurement products

We offer a range of instruments which measure light and electromagnetic radiation. These range from Gaussmeters and Microwave detectors to light meters, UV testers and solar power meters. Choose from leading brands such as Chauvin Arnoux, Hirst Magnetics, RS PRO, Testo, Sauter, Martindale, Seeit and Megger.

Gaussmeters - used to determine the strength or direction of a magnetic field. These instruments have a wide range of specifications, so it’s important to make sure that you choose the right one to suit your requirements. Some of the specifications to consider include:

  • Best accuracy - the reading accuracy of the device

  • Resolution – the higher the resolution, the more sensitive the readings can be taken

  • Frequency range

  • Operating temperature – the minimum and maximum operating temperature range

  • Magnetic range

  • Battery life

Gaussmeter accessories are also available including probes, software and a carrying case.

Microwave emission detectors - used to measure and detect the radiation levels being emitted from microwave heating appliances to establish that they’re operating within recommended safety limits. We stock a variety of models from quality brands including RS PRO, Martindale, Metrix and Seeit which are designed for both industrial and domestic use, with a choice of wall or ceiling mounted, as well as handheld versions.

Light meters - measure light intensity and are commonly linked with photography or cinematography, however, other uses include health and safety applications to check light levels in the workplace and public places. We offer a wide selection of light meters including RS calibrated versions for extra peace of mind. Accessories available include probes, cables and sensors.

Solar power meters - measure solar radiation and energy. A typical example of their use is to determine the best position and alignment for the installation of solar panels. They are also used in meteorology, agriculture and physical and optical laboratories.

UV testers - used to measure the intensity of UV radiation and are often used to measure the degradation of fluorescent lamps, or by window film companies to measure UV levels pre and post application. It is useful in a situation where levels of UV light are critical. Our UV tester is part of our RS PRO range.

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