Level & Angular Measurement

When measuring angles or levels, it’s important that your measurements are accurate. Our range of products includes optical, laser and manual measuring devices from leading suppliers including Bosch, DeWalt, Leica, Laserliner, Sola, Stanley, Starrett and RS PRO.

Measuring levels

There are several products available that enable you to measure how level something is.

Laser levels give a high level of accuracy, with the beam also being visible over a long distance. There are three different types of these measuring levels: line, dot and rotary. Which one you choose will depend on the job. For example, a rotary laser level will give a 360° laser line and is effective for use in outdoor spaces such as when laying the foundations of a house, to ensure the surface is flat.

Spirit levels are a low-cost, conventional alternative to a laser level, while still giving you high accuracy levels; they can be manual or digital. An inclinometer is a type of spirit level which is used for measuring slope angles.

Angular measurement

The easiest way to measure an angle is with a protractor. There are two main types of protractor: semi-circular which will measure up to 180°, and bevel which will measure 360°.

There are many other measuring devices available which are particularly useful for engineers who are looking for precision measurements including combination squares and centre and edge finders.

Calibrating your equipment

It’s important that your angle and level measurement equipment is giving you accurate readings at all times, and therefore calibration should be carried out regularly. At RS, we offer an expert calibration service which covers equipment such as gauges, spirit levels and set squares. What’s more, our Calibration Laboratory is UKAS-accredited, so you can be confident in your readings.

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