Safety Two Hand Control Switches

Safety two hand control switches are used to safeguard the hands of an operator in industrial situations where machine operation may be hazardous. In order to operate the machine, both hands must be used. This means machinery will not start until both hands are confirmed to be in a safe position.

What applications are safety two hand control switches used for?

Widely used across many industries, safety two hand control switches are found in feed and removal processes, or in setting up work. They're used for stopping and starting high-risk machines in environments such as metalworking or printing where rollers, presses and croppers pose a significant risk to an operators hands.

How do safety two hand control switches work?

To use safety two hand control switches you need to have both hands securely on top of the controller buttons. If your hands are off the controls, the machine will stop or move to a safe area. To activate the machine, both buttons must be pressed simultaneously. Safety two hand control switches are designed with an emergency stop push button. There are guard hoods over the switches to prevent accidental use.

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