Safe Condition Signs

What is a Safe condition sign?
A safe condition sign is a sign used to display safety information, used in key critical areas to highlight any dangers or actions that need to take place.
How do they work?
Often with bold colours and sharp text to stand out to anyone walking past, the signs work by displaying quick, concise information that may be helpful in many different scenarios.
Types of safe condition sign:

• Emergency stop signs – Used to highlight a switch or button that is designed to turn off all electrical equipment, useful in emergency situations
• Turn off signs - Used to signal to users that something needs to be turned off like lights or machinery.
• Informative signs – Such signs that remind users to save energy or think about the environment.
Features and benefits
• Easy to install and remove
• Clear concise messaging designed for fast thinking scenarios
• Clean looking and professional designed for impact
• Range of colours to suit several different applications
Where might I use one?
• In your home
• Your business (may be required by law)
• Public access areas with high foot traffic

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