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Lockout devices are designed to keep employees safe while in the workplace. They are used to prevent accident or injury. Engineers and electricians must be safe in the knowledge that all equipment is safely isolated and locked off before carrying out any essential maintenance or repair work.

When a machine has been shut down properly and all primary and secondary energy sources have been disconnected, safety lockout devices may be fitted. This procedure should only be carried out by experienced personnel.

What types are there?

There are many different types of lockout devices available. Some of the most popular ones are

Gate Valve Lockouts

For locking out valves during any maintenance work. The robust valve lockouts fit over the valve handle and are secured in place by a padlock via the attachment point.

Ball Valve Lockouts

Ball valve lockouts are used to prevent the valve from opening. They are designed to clamp over the lever and stop the handle from being turned. They are secured in place by a padlock via the attachment point.

Circuit Breaker Lockouts

Circuit breaker lockout is used to ensure MCB (miniature circuit breakers) are locked out safely. They are essential for anyone working on electrical circuits.

Cable Lockouts

Cable lockouts are ideal for use on larger equipment, or where multiple items need to be isolated. The cable can be fitted around the equipment and a safety padlock is attached.

Lockout Hasps

Lockout hasps are essential in any LOTO (Lockout Tagout) safety procedure. The hasp jaw is passed through the attachment point of any lockout devices and is secured in place by one or multiple safety padlocks.

Safety Padlocks

Safety padlocks come in a range of body sizes and shackle sizes. The padlocks are used in conjunction with lockout hasps and lockout devices. Safety padlocks should be compliant with the (OSHA – Occupational Safety and Health Administration). 1 employee = 1 padlock = 1 key

Lockout Kits

Supplied in a tough carrying case, Lockout kits are an essential addition to any workplace. Lockout Kits contain everything you should need for your electrical isolation safety lockout procedure.

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