ESD Labels & Posters

ESD labels are high-visibility caution labels that are used to alert and remind those who might handle static-sensitive devices to exercise extreme care.

What are ESD labels used for?

ESD labels help to identify electrostatic discharge (ESD) sensitive items enclosed in a package and are placed on boxes, bags, packages and static sensitive devices that require ESD warning.

You will find EDS labels in various facilities where they're used to establish and implement safety measures. They are useful when warning people that machinery is sensitive to electrostatic discharge, or for areas that require proper grounding techniques.

ESD labels also help to mitigate the risk of electrostatic discharge, prevent damage and ensure that critical serial and product information in static sensitive components remains intact and readable.

Types of ESD labels

ESD labels are available in various specifications and sizes to meet ESD industry standards. They come in colors such as green, yellow and red. Some are custom made to survive harsh chemicals, high heat, fluxes, solders and cleaners commonly used in standard electronics manufacturing processes, assembly or handling.

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