Attachable Face Shields

Attachable face shields are a common piece of PPE (personal protective equipment). They attach to helmets and hard hats. They are most often made of acetate or polycarbonate, allowing you to see through the shield without irritants being able to reach your eyes or face.

What are attachable face shields used for?

Attachable face shields protect you from debris, splashes and objects. They are worn in areas where you could be splashed with irritants and where full air fed hood protection is not required. They are also used for tasks which produce a large amount of debris.

Types of attachable face shields

Attachable face shields can protect you from flying particles, liquids and molten metal. Anti-fog coatings and venting prevents the shield from misting up, thus reducing visibility.

UV protection protects you when working outside for extended periods of time and coloured attachable face shields protect your eyes from straining in bright environments. The attachable face shields can also contain built in visors to protect you from direct sunlight.

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RS Stock No. 104-0940
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Brand :Honeywell
- 200mm - Clear - - PC - -
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Brand :Honeywell
Supervizor SV9TC3WP Shade 3 200mm - - - - Triacetate - -
RS Stock No. 104-0941
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หมายเลขชิ้นส่วนของผู้ผลิต / Mfr. Part No.1002323
Brand :Honeywell
Supervizor SV9TC5WP Shade 5 200mm - - - - Triacetate - -