Lab Coats

A lab coat is formally known as a laboratory coat but also often referred to as a white coat, they are tailored to be knee length and are usually light or white in colour. Laboratory coats are used to maximise safety and comport in the work place, they help prevent and protect a user’s skin from harmful chemicals and contamination. In some work places, men, women and others must wear a coat as it is considered personal protective equipment.
Ladies lab coats and lab coats for men will be tailored in a different way, this is to ensure a good fit and optimal comfort. Alternatively, a unisex lab coat option is available which fits all shapes and sizes.

What material are Lab Coats made of?
A labcoats fabric is the basis of where it can be used and what it can protect the user against. Many can be used in multiple environments.
Cotton Lab Coat - Fit the needs of those that work within an engineering or laboratory environment. Commonly this material is mixed with polyester and is named polycotton.
PE (polyethylene) Lab Coat - Offer a barrier against non-hazardous chemicals and particles. They would be a great choice as a doctor’s coat or workwear within a laboratory environment.
Polyester lab Coat - This type of lab coat is available with material properties that enable it to be anti-static. Polyester lab coats allow for excellent dye retention, allowing clear visible accidental spillages to be seen. These white coats can be used as a medical coat or a science coat.
Polypropylene Lab Coat - Commonly available as a disposable lab coat, a piece of clothing that is worn for a one time use. These laboratory coats offer protection to medical staff in critical conditions, in the lab or often used as part of a scrubs uniform.

What jobs wear Lab Coats?
Wearing a white lab coat is common practice for many professionals, the functionality of them allows workers to complete tasks safely and with piece of mind. Below is small handful of those that may use one in their work place.
• Scientists and Research Scientists
• Nurses and Doctors
• Electricians
• Microbiologists
• Medical Practitioners and Chemists
• Vets

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Unisex M Disposable 970mm White Food Safe Food Industry, Medical - Stud 25 Polypropylene - 0
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Unisex XXL Disposable 106cm White Food Safe Food Industry, Medical - Stud 25 Polypropylene - 0
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Unisex XL Disposable 104cm White Food Safe Food Industry, Medical - Stud 25 Polypropylene - 0