Robots & Robot Parts

A robot is a machine intended to execute at least one or many tasks with automation, speed, and precision. They are programmable by a computer especially to carry out complex actions. Robots can be operated by an external control device or this can be built within as well.

What do robots do?

When there are repetitive tasks that need to be carried out and might be possibly dangerous to humans, robots are made to support this. In manufacturing, many jobs in factories are messy or dirty. This can include welding, grinding, molding, and casting. While these tasks are carried out human laborers can concentrate on more important and inventive tasks.

Which robotic kit is right for you?

There is not such a thing as the best kit. When choosing a robot kit you will look into ones that are most suitable for your purposes. Here at RS Components we offer:

  • Robot Arm Construction Kits
  • Robot Assembly Components Kits
  • Robot Base Kits
  • Robot Joints Motors Kits
  • Robot Structural Arm Kits

Why buy a kit rather than all the parts individually?

Simply, because it is cheaper. Sometimes its difficult to buy all the parts separately, choosing a kit will save you time and effort.

Always look out for:

  • good instructions and support
  • sturdy construction
  • high-quality mechanical parts and servos

Robot Parts

These include light guarding, power supplies, motors, controllers, PLC, sensors, pneumatic and power transmission components.

You can choose from:

  • Educational Robots
  • Gantry Robots
  • Industrial Robots

Advantages of Robots

  • Most robots are automatic, so no human interference is required
  • Ever so precise and accurate
  • Robots are designed to work in harsh environments like without air, underwater or in the fire
  • Robots are indefatigable

Disadvantages of Robots

  • robots require the supply of power, so maintenance is important in factories, however, this can cost much money when repairing
  • they are not able to act any different from what they are programmed to
  • robots are not intelligent or sentient, they do not think, they only carry out tasks they are programmed to do
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