Blasting Media

Abrasive blasting is the practice of forcibly projecting a stream of abrasive material against a surface under high pressure. It is commonly used to smooth a rough surface, roughen a smooth surface, shape or reshape a surface, remove dirt and/or contaminants, and can also be used for engraving purposes. At RS Components, we stock various types of blasting media to suit a wide variety of applications.

What types of Blasting Media are there?

There is a range of blasting media that is suitable for different applications

Sandblasting - smoothing, shaping or cleaning hard surfaces.

Wet abrasive blasting - smoothing, shaping and cleaning hard surfaces, not recommended for steel. The reduction of dust produced makes this process safer to use siliceous materials for blasting or to use against hazardous materials such as asbestos and other poisonous or radioactive products.

Bead blasting - fine glass beads are applied at high pressure without damaging the surface. Used to clean calcium deposits, remove embedded fungus and brighten grout colour, as well as removing auto body paint.

Wheel blasting - a spinning wheel propels the abrasive media against an object, usually used for de-flashing plastic and rubber components.

Micro-abrasive blasting - this dry abrasive blasting process uses small nozzles to accurately deliver a fine stream of abrasive to a small part or small area. This process is accurate enough to write directly onto glass.

Dry-ice blasting - air and dry ice are used to freeze and then dislodge surface contaminants.

Vacuum blasting - a dry abrasive blasting method during which the blast media is collected and separated from loosened particles at the same time as being propelled, reducing blast media consumption as the media can then be used repeatedly.

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