Desktop Power Supplies

A desktop power supply is the battery back that connects to a mains power supply and is used to power your laptop or PCHow do they work?They act as the conduit between your mains power supply and your desktop device. It facilities the electrical interaction that gives your device power and the ability to operate.Features and benefitsHighly efficientLong shelf lifeLED Power indicators available to let you know if your device is charging or idleDifferent lead lengths availableFully enclosed plastic casingSmall, compact and neatEnergy saving properties in some power suppliesMounting types such as desktop, or wall plugs availableWhere might I use one?For your home PC or LaptopAt workMedical equipmentMilitary applications

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รายละเอียดสินค้า / Description ราคา / Price Input Voltage Range Output Voltage Rating Output Current Range Rated Output Power Input Connector Output Connection Type Number of Outputs Plug Type Medical Approved Load Regulation Range Cable Length Efficiency Energy Efficiency Level Holdup Time
RS Stock No. 172-0774
หมายเลขชิ้นส่วนของผู้ผลิต / Mfr. Part No.ALM120PS15C2-8
Brand :XP Power
80 264 V ac 15V dc Maximum of 8A 120W IEC320-C8 4-Pin DC Barrel Jack 1 C8 Yes ±5% 900mm - VI 30ms
RS Stock No. 121-7034
หมายเลขชิ้นส่วนของผู้ผลิต / Mfr. Part No.AFM45US24C2
Brand :XP Power
80 264 V ac 24V dc 2A 48W IEC 320-C8 DC Plug 1 - Yes 2.5% 950mm - V 8ms