Aluminium Capacitors

Aluminium capacitors are a type of electrolytic capacitor. A capacitor is a two terminal electrical component that can store energy, somewhat like a battery. Aluminium capacitors are polarised, meaning that the energy can only flow in a single direction. The aluminium forming an extremely thin insulating layer of aluminium oxide, which acts as the dielectric of the capacitor.

Benefits of aluminium capacitors

Electrolytic capacitors have a very high level of capacitance, which makes them useful in many different sectors. New and improved capacitor designs use their ability to use reflow techniques instead of wave soldering, which enables them to be used more widely used in surface mount format (a type of method for producing electronic circuits).

What are aluminium capacitors used for?

Aluminium capacitors are found in many applications such as power supplies, computer motherboards and domestic appliances. They are also commonly used as filtering devices in a variety of different power supplies to reduce the amount of voltage ripple.

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