Pallet Wrap

Pallet wrap is a stretchable plastic film that is used to wrap around objects to keep them secure. Pallet wrap is normally made from Linear low-density polyethylene(LLDPE) Commonly used to wrap and secure articles that are on a pallet.

Pallet wrap can also be known as shrink wrap, stretch film or stretch wrap. Used in the logistics and distribution industry to secure pallets for storage or when in transit. Most pallet wraps are widely recyclable.

Pallet wrap is available in different sizes and thicknesses and can be either:

Handheld Pallet wrap - pallet wrap can be applied by hand straight from the roll, but there are also many handheld pallet wrap dispensers which make the job a lot easier for the operator

Machine Pallet wrap. This type of wrap is far superior as it's much thicker and has more tear resistance. It is specifically designed to be applied by a machine. This method of pallet wrapping is consistent, faster and is ideal in areas where there is high volume usage.

SpeciallityTypes of pallet wrap:

Coloured pallet wrap
Vented pallet wrap
UV stretch wrap
Anti-static pallet wrap
Pallet wrap netting
Features and benefits:

Easy to dispense spool, sometimes with handles, allowing quick and easy wrapping
Secures your pallets or boxes tightly together to stop any damage occurring
Certain wraps protect from UV rays
Keeps your products dust, moisture, and dirt free
Cost-effective alternatives to conventional straps or ropes
Easy to repair any tears or rips

Where might I use Pallet wraps?

Warehouses or distribution centres
Postal service industries
House removal companies
Personal home use

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