Archive Boxes

Archive Boxes & File Storage Boxes
We offer the perfect solution to keep your documents organised. Archive boxes & file storage boxes allow for easy filing and storage with clear labelling to ensure all documents are kept in the correct order and out of harm’s way.
Why would you purchase these boxes?
Archive Boxes & File Storage Boxes are designed to create an organised working environment. These filing boxes are the ideal solution for storing and transporting important documents. Access to files is quick and easy, a vital component for any office or archive depot.
What sizes are available?
Archive Boxes & File Storage Boxes come in a range of sizes, styles and colours depending on the documents being stored. We offer boxes to support these paper sizes;
• A3 = 297 x 420 mm
• A4 = 210 x 297 mm
• A5 = 148 x 210 mm
• A6 = 105 x 148 mm
What are the types of archive boxes & file storage boxes?
We offer a variety of boxes to meet your needs. Larger archive boxes are ideal for storing larger volumes of documents such as previous year information or long term information storage. Smaller filing boxes allow for less documents but are easy to store, lined up, for more frequent access.
What are they made from?
Archive boxes & file storage boxes are typically made of cardboard but also from fibre board or laminated hardboard for added strength when stacking larger volumes of boxes.
Application Information
Archive boxes & file storage boxes are ideal for the office, banks and for transporting documents to and from clients via courier service.

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RS Stock No. 123-9661
หมายเลขชิ้นส่วนของผู้ผลิต / Mfr. Part No.60450095
Brand :Leitz
A3 Black Laminated Robust Hardboard (PP) 482mm 200mm 369mm
RS Stock No. 136-5965
หมายเลขชิ้นส่วนของผู้ผลิต / Mfr. Part No.0181038
Brand :Fellowes
A4, Foolscap Grey - 444.5mm 293.62mm 387.35mm
RS Stock No. 123-9660
หมายเลขชิ้นส่วนของผู้ผลิต / Mfr. Part No.60430095
Brand :Leitz
A5 Black Laminated Robust Hardboard (PP) 282mm 160mm 220mm
RS Stock No. 123-9658
หมายเลขชิ้นส่วนของผู้ผลิต / Mfr. Part No.23608
Brand :Esselte
1 Pack of 5
A4, Foolscap White Corrugated Board 250mm 352mm 150mm
RS Stock No. 123-9974
หมายเลขชิ้นส่วนของผู้ผลิต / Mfr. Part No.20172
Brand :Esselte
Each: (In a Pack of 10)
A4, Foolscap White Corrugated Board 250mm 352mm 100mm
RS Stock No. 123-9973
หมายเลขชิ้นส่วนของผู้ผลิต / Mfr. Part No.128003
Brand :Esselte
Each: (In a Pack of 10)
A4, Foolscap White Corrugated Board 245mm 345mm 80mm
RS Stock No. 615-4664
หมายเลขชิ้นส่วนของผู้ผลิต / Mfr. Part No.60440095
Brand :Leitz
- Black Fibre Board 325mm 220mm 325mm
RS Stock No. 615-4709
หมายเลขชิ้นส่วนของผู้ผลิต / Mfr. Part No.60460095
Brand :Leitz
A4, Foolscap Black Fibre Board 370mm 282mm 356mm