Work Lights

What are work lights?

Work lights, or site lights, are used to illuminate work site and construction sites. They can also be used when carrying out maintenance around the home as well as indoor decorating. A well lit environment is fundamental to promoting good health and safety practices, and allows you to work at any time of the day or night.

Work lights are normally portable. Many feature handles that make them easy to carry and hooks that facilitate hands free working.

Should I choose a rechargeable work light?
Rechargeable work lights do offer some benefits over wired counterparts. If you are using a light on a busy construction site, a rechargeable light doesn't need to be plugged in. This means that there will be no trailing cable, and this can help to prevent accidents. Although it varies by model, some rechargeable floodlights can offer 6 or more hours of uninterrupted light from one charging cycle.

Common types of work light
Tripod mounted site lights are a versatile way of lighting an environment. You can easily adjust the height and angle of the light. The tripod takes up some floor space, but this is minimal. Tripods have the added benefit of being easy to move and fold down or dismantle. Other stands are available that enable you to mount more than one light. Floodlights are normally mounted on stands and can light large environments. Elevating the floodlight also increases the area that can be illuminated.

Fixed ceiling or wall mounted lights are ideal for situations that require a temporary lighting system, but for a longer period of time. Mounting the lights on the ceiling or on the wall keeps the floor and walkways clear. Festoon lights can also be fixed in place to provide lighting. They are a chain of lights or bulbs and are typically used to light up walkways or paths.

When choosing a worklight you must consider the environment that it will be used in. Some site lights are only suitable for use indoors, while others are waterproof and suitable for use outside. Many work lights will have an Ingress Protection (IP) rating which demonstrates the protection they offer against dust and liquids.

What bulb should I use?
Most work lights utilise either LED or fluorescent bulbs (although some still use halogen). LED and fluorescent bulbs are energy efficient solutions and both diffuse light evenly. LED work lights have a longer life span than fluorescent work lights although the initial cost can be higher.

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Work Lamp LED - 7.4 V - - IP54 PC 285mm 350 mm 310 mm - Yes -
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Work Lamp LED - 3.7 V - - IP44 - 44mm 117 mm 122 mm - Yes -
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