Air Source Heat Pumps

Air Source Heat Pumps are devices designed to transfer heat from one side of a pump to another. They are usually used to cool down machinery or electronic systems located within technical cabinets. The Air Source Heat Pump is able to exchange hot air for cooled and the other way around so they can be used for heating or cooling. Heat Pump can be mounted in both directions and this determines if it's working as a heating system or cooler.

Easy to install and with low operating costs, these air to air convention devices possess significant heat transfer capacity, with a high CoP (coefficient of performance.) They also allow intricate control over temperature, and can easily adapt to environmental and seasonal changes. For these reasons, air to air heat pumps is an increasingly popular temperature regulation solution.

Typical applications of heat pumps are:

  • Cooling electronics within cabinets
  • Machine cooling in industrial and automation
  • Food and beverage cooling

Air Source Heat Pumps have some environmental advantages over conventional cooling & heating systems. Some of them are:

  • Low running costs
  • Low running noise
  • Does not release any harmful gases or components into the air

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RS Stock No. 777-7072
หมายเลขชิ้นส่วนของผู้ผลิต / Mfr. Part No.AR-AR-040-12
Brand :Adaptive
39.6W +48°C 12 V dc
RS Stock No. 777-7079
หมายเลขชิ้นส่วนของผู้ผลิต / Mfr. Part No.AR-AR-060-24
Brand :Adaptive
59.3W +51°C 24 V dc
RS Stock No. 777-7063
หมายเลขชิ้นส่วนของผู้ผลิต / Mfr. Part No.AR-AR-024-12
Brand :Adaptive
23.8W +51°C 12 V dc
RS Stock No. 777-7088
หมายเลขชิ้นส่วนของผู้ผลิต / Mfr. Part No.AR-AR-100-24
Brand :Adaptive
101.5W +50°C 24 V dc