Rail Mount Fuse Holders

Rail mount fuse holders are a device used to house fuses, which are designed to protect circuits from overcurrent or short circuits. When a fault is detected, the fuse will break, stopping the flow of current.

What are rail mount fuse holders used for?

Fuses are connected to rail mount fuse holders by slotting them in between two sets of metal contacts. The end caps on the fuses connect to the metal contacts on the fuse holder, allowing the current to flow through the device.

Rail mount fuse holders are specifically designed to be mounted to DIN rails, meaning that they feature a slot for the rail to attach to somewhere in the body of the fuse holder.

Types of rail mount fuse holders

Rail mount fuse holders can vary according to a number of different characteristics, including voltage and current rating, number of poles, lead time and terminal type. Their dimensions can also differ, as can the size and type of fuse that they are designed to fit.

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หมายเลขชิ้นส่วนของผู้ผลิต / Mfr. Part No.57010018
Brand :Socomec
Each: (In a Pack of 4)
- - - 32A 690V 3 - - - 10mm 38mm - - -
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Brand :Socomec
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- - - 32A 690V 2 - - - 10mm 38mm - - -
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Brand :Socomec
Each: (In a Pack of 12)
- - - 32A 690V 1 - - - 10mm 38mm - - -