Washer Kits

Washer kits comprise a variety of different disc-shaped plates with holes. They are typically used to distribute a load of a particular type of threaded fastener, like a screw or bolt.

What do washer kits do?

Washers have two main purposes:

  • To distribute the pressure of a nut evenly to avoid damaging a surface.

  • To ensure that the nut is pressed against a smooth surface, reducing the chance of loosening due to it being in contact with an uneven surface.

Types of washer kits

Plain washer kits

This type of washer prevents damage to a surface when it is being fixed. Alternatively, it can act as electrical insulation.

Spring washer kits

Spring washers have axial (forming an axis) flexibility and are typically used to prevent fastening or loosening caused by vibration.

Locking washer kits

Locking washer kits prevent the unscrewing of the fastening device for improved durability.

Domed Cap & Cup Washer kits

Domed cap & cup washer kits are a two-part application. The cup washed is used on a screw or bolt similar to any normal washer, however, its cupped profile provides a small lip for the domed cap to seat over the screw head, around the lip and remain in place to his the screw head.


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