Steam Cleaners

What is a Steam Cleaner?
A Steam Cleaner is an appliance that uses steam to clean, remove dirt, dust, grease and grime, sanitising surfaces. Steam cleaners contain a water tank you fill from your clean water supply. When the cleaner is turned on, the water is heated by an in-built boiler converting the water to steam. If using a cool steam cleaner, the water is not boiled. Steam cleaners are available for domestic and commercial use.

Types of Steam Cleaner.
There are two types of steam cleaner, dry steam cleaners and cool steam cleaners.
• Dry steam – A dry steam cleaner uses steam that is heated by the boiler, creating steam. The heated steam created contains less water but is very hot. The dry steam contains about 5% water.
• Cool steam – The water with cool steam is not boiled and the steam does contain more water.
Steam Cleaners are also called, floor steamers, steam carpet cleaners, steam mops, steam vacuum cleaners, steam sanitisers.

Why to use a steam cleaner?
• Consider that a steam cleaner does not work like a pressure washer. A steam cleaner must have direct contact with the surface you wish to clean or sanitise.
• Use the attachments that are supplied with the steam cleaner. The attachments protect the surface you are cleaning plus ensure maximum and detailed cleaning of the specific area.
• Dry steam vapour is the hottest at approximately 3 inches from a surface. Any steam cleaner vapour that flows at a further distance starts to cool and is less effective at cleaning a surface.
• Steam cleaners are not vacuum cleaners or steam carpet cleaners. Steam cleaners spot clean areas of carpet.
• Surfaces that can be damaged by heat should not be steam cleaned (unsealed hard wood floors, water-based paint, pressed paper, cardboard, silk). Ensure tiled and other porous surfaces have a sealed, honed surface, if not do not use steam cleaner.
• Ensure the water tank is full and refill as needed.
• Steam cleaners sanitise surfaces and help to reduce germs, bacteria and odours plus is environmentally friendly.

Many steam cleaners are supplied with accessories needed plus accessories are always available to buy separately.
There are a wide variety of steam cleaners available, from small hand held portable steam cleaners to larger steam and mop cleaners.

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หมายเลขชิ้นส่วนของผู้ผลิต / Mfr. Part No.1.513-112.0
Brand :Karcher
3.5bar 1900W 240V 236mm 253mm 360mm 3.1kg Childproof Safety Lock, Descaler Cartridge, Detail Nozzle, EasyFix + Extension Tube (2 ´ 0.5 m), Equipment, Floor Cleaning Kit, Hand Nozzle, Integrated Funnel, Integrated On/Off Switch, Microfibre Cover for Manual Nozzle, Parking Position, Round Brush (Small), Safety Valve, Steam Flow Regulation on Handle, Steam Hose with Gun 2 m Type G - British 3-pin 4m SC3 Easyfix
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RS Stock No. 201-7311
หมายเลขชิ้นส่วนของผู้ผลิต / Mfr. Part No.SG 4/4 (110V)
Brand :Karcher
4bar 1.5kW 110V 320mm - - - - - - -
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