Air Compressor Accessories

What are air compressors?
Air compressors are devices that take the power stored in pressurised air and convert it into energy. A range of accessories are available to complement air compressors.

Typical air compressor accessories:
• Hoses and reels
• Tool attachments
• Filters
• Roll Cages
• Fittings and adapters

Air compressor hoses are key in securing a consistent power output by ensuring a tight seal and stable air pressure. The longer the hose is, the more air pressure is lost. A standard hose lies flat with no bends, while a recoil hose has small regular coils that are tensile and return to shape when the hose is released. Air compressor hoses are normally made from nylon, PVC, rubber or polyurethane. Each material has a set of characteristics that make it suitable for different uses. Nylon is ideal for recoil hoses whereas standard hoses are made from rubber and do not kink. A polyurethane air compressor hose performs well in cold weather, where a PVC hose performs poorly, becoming hard to orient.

Hose Reels:
Hose reels are available as a free standing unit or they can be wall mounted. Free standing hose reels offer great versatility as they are incredibly portable. Some also feature wheels that make transportation easier. Wall-mounted units ensure a clutter free space and are a hassle free way of storing hoses when you are not using them. Whether automatic and driven by a spring, or hand cranked to retract the hose, all reels offer effective and efficient storage.

Tool attachments:
Air compressors can be paired with many different types of tool such as nail guns, paint sprayers, drills and sanders.

Some air compressors utilise filters to maintain efficiency and performance while also extending the life span of the unit. Filters vary by model but can help to filter gases, odours and oil. Filters can become clogged from time to time and will need replacing.

Roll cages:
Some air compressors feature an integrated roll cage, but this is not the case for every model. Separate roll cages are available and help to protect the air compressor by preventing damage to vulnerable parts.

Fittings and adapters:
Additional or replacement fittings and adapters may be required. Some allow conversion for different pieces of equipment. Some materials (such as anodised fittings) are more rugged and resistant to corrosion and rust. Quick connectors allow for faster repairs and cleaning.

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RS Stock No. 182-8758
Brand :RS PRO
10m Air Hose Air Compressor
RS Stock No. 182-8742
หมายเลขชิ้นส่วนของผู้ผลิต / Mfr. Part No.RS5M516
Brand :Welding Star
5m Air Hose Air Compressor
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