Metal Bars & Metal Rods

Metal bars are lengths of material in a range of forms suitable for use in a wide range of applications. Construction and fabrication industries are some of the most common uses for metal bars and use the wide range of material and form choice in industrial and everyday use products.

Metal rods are specially formed pieces of metal and alloy that are shaped into a rod-like aesthetic hence the name. Metal rods are commonly used to give added support to a range of applications such as masonry structures.

Types of Metal Bars?

Available in four common forms, metal bar is a versatile material for fabrication and machining.

  • Square Bar – A length of bar with equal width and height dimensions.

  • Rectangular Bar – A length of bar with different width and height dimensions.

  • Round Bar – Also known as Metal Rod, the round bar is typically measured by its diameter referring to the widest dimension across the cross-section of the bar.

  • Hexagonal Bar – More commonly known as a Hex bar, the hexagonal bar is a length of the six-sided bar with its diameter measured across two opposing flat faces. This unit of measure is referred to as AC for Across Flats.

Types of Metal Rods?

Available in different forms these products can be split out into different types due to the nature of its makeup.

  • Ferrous metal rods - These are made up from ferrous metals and alloys which happen to be iron-based and are popular due to its high levels of hardening and property alloying elements.

  • Nonferrous metal rods - These types are rods that contain no form of iron metal or alloy, these products have a range of benefits depending on the types of metal used in the makeup.

Also available in a range of materials, our range of metal bars and rods can accommodate any application. Our bars and rods can be found in:

  • Aluminium

  • Steel Stainless

  • Steel

  • Brass

  • Bronze

  • Gunmetal Copper

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RS Stock No. 110-006
Brand :RS PRO
Tube 13in - 1.75in 1.75in - 420 N/mm² Phosphor Bronze - 8.8g/cm³ 120 HB Bearings, Heavy Load Gears, Pumps, Valves, Worm Wheels 47W/mK
RS Stock No. 818-3172
Brand :RS PRO
Rod 24in 2 1/2in - - 6026-T9 360 MPa 6026-T9 (Aluminum Alloy) - 2.7g/cm³ 95 HB Anodising, Automotive Component, Electronic & Electric Parts, High Speed Lathes, Hot Forging 138W/mK
RS Stock No. 680-971
Brand :RS PRO
1 Lot of 5
Rod 24in 1/4in - - CZ121/CW614N - - ± 2mm 8.47g/cm³ 130 to 150 HV - 123 W/m.k at 100°c
RS Stock No. 495-265
Brand :RS PRO
Rod 24in 1 1/2in - - 2011i - 2011i Aluminium - 2.82g/cm³ 110 HB Automotive Parts, Fasteners, Fittings, Repetition Machining Parts 138W/mK
RS Stock No. 680-993
Brand :RS PRO
1 Lot of 2
Rod 24in 19mm - - CZ121/CW614N - - ± 2mm 8.47g/cm³ 130 to 150 HV - 123 W/m.k at 100°c
RS Stock No. 446-6684
Brand :RS PRO
1 Lot of 1
Square Bar 12in - 4in 4in HE30 - HE30 Aluminium - 2.7g/cm³ 95 HB Bridges, Cranes, Highly Stressed Applications, Transport Applications, Trusses 180W/mK
RS Stock No. 682-163
Brand :RS PRO
Flat Bar 500mm - 25mm 10mm - - Tool Steel - - - - -