LED Kits

LED kits are a great way to design and prototype LED light fixtures. The kits contain various LED system components that work together to create one unit, for example a spotlight.LED kits contain everything you need to get up and running, so you dont need to buy multiple components separately.Some kits contain multiple versions of a device for prototyping purposes. For example, a kit may contain different LED modules to trial colours or brightness, or it may contain interchangeable lenses for testing beams. LED kit types:SpotlightsLED stripsCabinet lightingFloodlightsHigh bay lightingLow bay lightingStreetlightsPlant growing lights LED kits contain a selection of the following:LED moduleHeatsinksLED DriversLED controllersLensesThermal interface materials (TIM)Other necessary accessories

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RS Stock No. 184-6989
หมายเลขชิ้นส่วนของผู้ผลิต / Mfr. Part No.150151
Displays, Electronic and Optical Indicator, Equipment Indicators, Indicator and Backlight in Telecommunication, Indoor and Outdoor Displays, Signage and Indirect Illumination, Switch Indicators (114) WL-SMCW Series LED, (18) WL-SBTW Series LED, (24) WL-SMDC Series LED, (30) WL-SMSW Series LED, (48) WL-SMRW Series LED, (6) WL-SFTW Series LED, (66) WL-SMTW Series LED, (66) WL-TMRC Series LED, (90) WL-TMRW Series LED - - 467 Design Kit