Armoured Cable

A hard-wearing armoured cable is essential in harsher environments. If a standard cable is ran through areas such as building sites or a factory, it may increase the chance of power loss or electrical cut outs. Armoured cable can be used for numerous applications which require an uninterrupted and worry free power connection.

What is Steel Wire Armoured Cable?

Steel wire armoured cable (SWA) is a highly reinforced power cable. It will supply a continuous flow of electricity to the intended target, due the galvanized steel overlapping the center cable. Each cable is built up of numerous copper cores, followed by XLPE insulation of the cores. The insulated cores are then protected by a layer of PVC bedding, which is secured by steel wire. Finally a thick outer layer of PVC covers the entirety of the cable.

When is armoured cable required?

The best use of this cable would be if the intended application is likely to be on a rough surface, or is situated in areas where there is high traffic and risk of debris striking the power cable. This would be the most beneficial. As an example, some of the applications for using SWA cable include:

• Underground cabling
• Train tracks
• Outdoor building sites
• Indoor and outdoor power stations
• High risk workshops

What types of armoured cable are available?

In terms of the actual armoured design of these cables, each product is a galvanized SWA cable (Steel Wire Armour). The outer sheath of each cable can vary. However, the more common selections would be a PVC sheathing, rated as LSZH (Low Smoke Zero Hydrogen).

Why should i buy Armoured Cable here?

Due to sensitive nature of the application. A good quality SWA cable is necessary to prolong the life of the established electrical connection. With cables that are BASEC approved to BS5467 standards, we want to make sure of that outcome.

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4 16 mm² 99 A 50m Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) 1 kV 22.3mm PEX 6 x D -25°C +90°C - Annealed Copper 4.15 Ω/km
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3 6 mm² 56 A 50m Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) 1 kV 15.2mm PEX 6 x D -25°C +90°C - Annealed Copper 3.08 Ω/km
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Brand :Prysmian
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4 10 mm² 78 A 50m Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) 1 kV 19.8mm PEX 6 x D -25°C +90°C - Annealed Copper 1.83 Ω/km