XLR Cable Assemblies

XLR cable assemblies are a type of electrical connector typically found in professional audio, video and stage lighting equipment.

How do XLR cable assemblies work?

XLR cable assemblies deliver balanced signals over long distances. A balanced signal means that the final audio signal will have less unwanted noise from outside electrical interference. This preserves the original audio signal, even over long distances, and ensures that the signal stays clear even when other electrical devices are present.

How are XLR cable assemblies used?

The most important quality of an XLR cable is that it is balanced enough that it is suitable for both live sound applications and recording studio applications. For example, if a mixing board is more than 25 feet away from the band that it is amplifying, XLR audio cables are used to balance the sound. In addition, XLR cables are used to connect most microphones and allow mixing boards to deliver phantom power (DC electrical power transmitted through cables) to hand held microphones.

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