DC D-Frame Solenoid

A DC D-Frame solenoid is an electromagnetic device that converts electrical energy into mechanical push or pull motion or force.

How does a DC D-frame solenoid work?

A DC D-frame solenoid consists of a two-piece frame that is shaped like the letter "D", wrapping around the solenoid (coils of wire). When an electrical current is applied to the solenoid, the resultant magnetic field creates mechanical action by pushing and pulling a metallic slug or armature in the centre.

DC D-frame solenoids are mainly used in electromechanical relays, interlocks and valves. You will also find them in vehicle transmissions used to change between gears. Like DC C-frame solenoids, they are also manufactured in AC variants.

Types of DC D-frame solenoids

DC D-frame solenoids are available in three basic configurations based on their action:

  • Pull type— pulls the connected load when energised
  • Push type—pushes the connected load when energised
  • Push-pull type—can either push or pull the connected load when energised

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7mm Pull - 0.48kgf 5W 6 V dc 30mm 14mm 16mm 35g - 30 x 14 x 16 mm
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27mm Pull 100% 400g 10W 6 V dc 26.7mm 32mm 59.2mm 213g - 26.7 x 32 x 59.2 mm
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9mm Pull - 2.2kgf 5W 12 V 37mm 21.5mm 26mm 92g - 37 x 21.5 x 26 mm