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An EMI filter is a device which is used to suppress electromagnetic interference on a signal or power line. Electromagnetic interference is an unwanted electrical signal and is present in the environment or generated from other equipment.
There are two types of unwanted noise created by electromagnetic interference. Conducted which travels along the electrical conductors and radiated which travels through the air as radio waves or magnetic fields.
Most electronics contain an EMI filter as there are regulations in most countries that limit the amount of noise that can be emitted. Safety standards are required with EMI filters to reduce the risk of fires and electric shock.
• Electronic musical instruments
• Motherboards
• USB hubs
• Printers
• Audio and video communication equipment

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RS Stock No. 182-9405
หมายเลขชิ้นส่วนของผู้ผลิต / Mfr. Part No.4200-6210
EMC Filter SP2201 AC Drive, SP2202 AC Drive 230 V ac 32 A 1 - 6.1mm 2.2mm 17mm 6.1 x 2.2 x 17 mm
RS Stock No. 182-9403
หมายเลขชิ้นส่วนของผู้ผลิต / Mfr. Part No.4200-6119
EMC Filter SP1203 AC Drive, SP1204 AC Drive 230 V ac 16 A 1 - 4mm 1.8mm 17.4mm 4 x 1.8 x 17.4 mm
RS Stock No. 182-9402
หมายเลขชิ้นส่วนของผู้ผลิต / Mfr. Part No.4200-6118
EMC Filter SP1201 AC Drive, SP1202 AC Drive 230 V ac 10 A 1 - 4mm 1.8mm 17.4mm 4 x 1.8 x 17.4 mm