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  • ผู้ผลิต Siemens
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Display TypeTD
Keyboard TypeKeypad
Kit IncludedYes
Manufacturer SeriesLOGO 0BA6
Product Range6ED1 Series

LOGO! TD Text Display

The new remote text display can be attached to all new LOGO! 0BA6 basic units without the need for a communication module, and it is being projected with the same function block as the internal display. Purely operator relevant messages can thus be displayed on the remote display while servicing information is only made visible within the control cabinet.,Thanks to the switchable backlight, faults can be detected more quickly, because the display can automatically be illuminated in such cases.,Message text and parameter changes can be performed without opening the control cabinet – operation as well as servicing are comfortable and easy.

Directly connectable to all ..0BA6 base units over a RS485 connection
6 standard LOGO! basic module buttons + 4 function keys as additional inputs
4 lines of 12 characters
Bigger display with the same resolution as LOGO! on-board display in a high contrast white colour
Up to 50 message texts can be shown (exclusively or additional to the LOGO! on-board display)
Support of the simple bar-graph and text-ticker functionality with up to 32 characters per line
External power supply with 12/24V AC/DC

Siemens LOGO! 7th Generation

Seventh Generation LOGO!,The 7th Generation LOGO! brings you additional features aimed at keeping the LOGO! at the forefront of this technology. The new generation LOGO! 0BA6 features yet another decisive advantage: the possibility to connect an additional text display without communication module proves highly convenient for the projecting and display of operator relevant messages.,The text display has been precisely optimized to the needs of a logic module and can be projected with the same function block as the internal display. Moreover, the performance of the basis module has been enhanced by more than 50 percent to 200 function blocks. Thus, even more applications can be replaced through more cost-effective LOGO! configurations, and savings potential can be tapped.,Major improvements over previous LOGO! units include:

LOGO! TD device directly connectable to all ..0BA6 basic modules
Display with adjustable permanent backlight (on-board and/or TD)
Up to 50 message text blocks (on-board and/or TD)
New integrated PWM functions
Simple bar-graph functionality
Text-ticker functionality
4 analogue inputs (0-10V) - instead of 2
4 (5 kHz) fast counter inputs - instead of 2 (2 kHz)
Analogue output 0 - 20 mA or 4 – 20mA
10 different on-board languages (GE, EN, FR, IT, ES, CN, JAP, TR, RUS and NL)

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